Access control list (ACL) and Levels of Permissions

You can use Windows NT Explorer to define a list of permissions, also known as an access control list (ACL), for individual files or directories. In establishing this list, you select a particular Windows NT user account or user group, and then specify access permissions for that user or group.

NTFS has five standard levels of permissions:

  • Full Control. Users can modify, move, delete, and change permissions.
  • No Access. Users have absolutely no access, even if a user has access to a higher-level parent directory.
  • Read. Users can view files.
  • Change. Users can view and modify files, including deleting and adding files to a directory.
  • Special Access. User access defined by a custom set of criteria.

After you set NTFS permissions, your Web server must be configured with an authentication method to identify users before granting access to secured files. You can set up your server’s authentication features to require users to log on with a valid Windows NT account username and password.

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