Best Reasons To Move From Dedicated To Shared Hosting

Before deliberating about the topic “Best Reasons To Move From Dedicated To Shared Hosting” we should have a brief idea for both the terms i.e. Dedicating Hosting and Shared Hosting.
Dedicating Hosting:
When an entire server is hired by the client and not shared by the anyone else than this type of internet hosting is termed as a Dedicated Hosting. Due to the feature of high performance, security, email stability, and control Dedicated Hosting proves constructive.  As because of a relative high price of Dedicated Hosting, typically used by websites that receive a large volume of traffic. The Dedicated Exchange Hosting delivers a reliable messaging platform for email and collaboration based on the industry leading Microsoft Exchange software. For superior companies with several employees and users, a modified Dedicated Exchange Hosting may fulfill the business requirements and beat our anticipations.
Shared hosting:
A web hosting where many websites vest on one web server connected to the Internet is called Shared Hosting. Although Shared Hosting is an inexpensive way for companies to create a web presence, it is commonly not adequate for Websites with high traffic. Shared Web Hosting can also be done privately by sharing the cost of running a server in a colocation center, and this is called Cooperative Hosting. Grid-Service is the Best Shared Hosting for small business. BlueHost is awarded as the Best Shared Hosting for its industry reputation, unyielding technology, fast, trustworthy & cost effective shared hosting Service and the alert technical support.
After having a brief idea about the Dedicating Hosting and Shared Hosting, we will come to our central theme i.e. “Best Reasons To Move From Dedicated To Shared Hosting.”
Many customers consider the fact that dedicated servers are the best.  Following are the Best Reasons To Move From Dedicated To Shared Hosting:

•    Bandwidth and Space:
As small websites do not require the amount of bandwidth or space available on dedicated server hosting and thus would be fulfilled with shared hosting.
•    Cost:
A shared server is used instead of a dedicated one due to the cost savings. A shared server is going to cost less because there is more than one website using the space on the server. Although the server shared, it is still going to offer all the features that are looked-for by a business. Shared Hosting provides tremendous performance at a very fair price.
•    Technical knowledge:
Shared hosting plans do not entail a great deal of technical expertise. In truth, many plans even include templates and website builders to help those who do not already have a website designed. It is a benefit for whom who wants to build a website but does not have much knowledge or experience in such a field.
•    Simplicity:
One more advantage of Share Hosting is the simplicity of setting up and maintaining a website on a shared host. Since shared web hosting is the ultimate elementary form of managed hosting, provides most provides easy-to-use graphical user interfaces (GUI’s) with point and click functionality. Tools such as control panels (cPanels) and website builders offer these easy-to-use options. Moreover, those that don’t possess the technical know-how to maintain a server will benefit significantly from shared hosting.
•    Customer support:
The bulk of shared hosting providers also deals with unique customer support, meanwhile customer support is one of the keystones of a fruitful shared hosting company.
•    Shared hosting is a remarkable choice for personal websites, small businesses, and medium businesses.

Thus, Dedicated Hosting is typically used by sites that receive a large volume of traffic this is due to the reason Shared Hosting is preferred as it comprises the working area which belongs to small scale of applications.Although, the above written points describes the  Best Reasons To Move From Dedicated To Shared Hosting but the preference is made on behalf of user’s need and working scope.

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