Latest News and Hosting Review Amanah

Company Introduction

Amanah established in 2001 with a mission to offer the highest quality hosting services with unlimited bandwidth at competitive prices around the globe. The company is the best in hosting industry and satisfies needs of online businesses. The first company in Canada who deliver 100TB dedicated servers and data center at 151 Front Street West that is the top point of presence in Canada. The company offers excellent network speed and connection to four of the top providers in North America.

With their high flexibility and uptime, they keep clients happy at affordable rates. On top of that, they also offer round the clock customer support, high capacity network and monthly payment plan to ensure user’s protection from an unwanted contract. The company operates multi homed BGP network in Toronto’s financial district. Their network is reliable and fully redundant including direct cross connections to Tier 1 carriers, brand name hardware, and enterprise infrastructure.

Amanah’s Reputation

The company always prides itself in providing brilliant customer services. They make sure the services remain robust, stable and under control. The company goes further to support whenever a client needs help or face any issue. For this, a user needs to open a support ticket. Only company is entirely responsible for the upkeep of network and hardware both, perform setups, installation, and reinstallation at zero cost.

Amanah Dedicated Servers

This web host is the first provider of 100TB dedicated servers in Canada. Through this, they can offer unmatched services to their clients. Leveraging the power of Toronto Internet Exchange, enable to power dedicated servers with network along with unlimited bandwidth. All dedicated servers run on 100Mbps/ 30 TB unlimited dedicated connections. They give 99.99% uptime guarantee on entire network in DMCA Free Zone with Canadian and US IPs. They use enterprise quality hardware including secure VLAN, advanced KVM/IP and 24/7 server and bandwidth monitoring. Additionally, company offer 1 GBPS/300 TB dedicated connections along with custom configured hardware.

Recovery solution and dedicated backup protect an entire server from the disaster of data loss. A user can set up daily backup snapshots of their system and protect data from future loss. Just click of the mouse can fully restore client’s system.

Amanah Colocation Service

The company is the only host in Toronto to offer colocation services in the Toronto at an affordable price. Through the power of Toronto Star building, a company can power their servers with a fast and reliable network. Benefits of Colocation Services include:-

  • Service Level Agreement provides 99.99% uptime. In the case of unscheduled downtime; a user will be credited full day of free service for each hour, to make up for the trouble faced by a user.
  • Company’s prices are best in the in the industry. Their single unit cost at $99/month on one year term. It includes features like 100Mbps uplink, 30TB Bandwidth, 5 IPs, 1 Amp of power and secure VLAN.
  • Give remote hands on support during business or non-business hours for the clients. Apart from this, they also offer cross connections to other redundant providers with over 175 choices. Additional security and exclusive access to the server are also given.

Amanah Network and Services

Every organization demands premium bandwidth, Amanah is ready to provide it at affordable rates. The first hosting company who provide the latter. Users can upgrade to 200 or 300 TB bandwidth with an additional charge. So this means, not to worry about bandwidth caps, hidden fees or usage limits and Use as much bandwidth as required.

Company’s major focus on customer satisfaction, for this their Canadian data center, provides constant monitoring for potential issues. Their highly skilled support team responds at a moment’s notice to any concern. Guarantee replacement of dedicated server’s hardware fails within six hours.

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