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Dedicatedsolutions.com : Company Overview

CEO, Christoph Schmolmueller is the driving force at DedicatedSolutions.com. His aim is to render wondrous dedicated server solutions at an affordable price. DedicatedSolutions.com wants to deliver the best service to its customers while keeping the costs for customers affordable which means as low as possible, with the two types of categories combination, superb data centre facilities. The ability to offer its customers multiple 10 Gig pipes at all locations and furnish only the best hardware possible to its customers makes it wonderful. They also offer 99.9% uptime guarantee. But it is not only the hardware that makes DedicatedSolutions.com is a preferred home for dedicated servers because of the team efforts after it. It’s their staff zeal to fulfil the purpose of their customers with the best possible manner. All their facilities have 24/7 staffing, whether it is network technicians, system administrators or support members every of the team member is present to help its customers. Their mission for future is to expand into as many as countries possible with operational data centres. It ensures that customers will have servers located near to them at every place in the world, interconnected with each other & render quick connections.

Reliability & performance

Its mission is to deliver top-notch dedicated server solutions. Its staff constantly strives to serve its customers with the best possible support. All its facilities have 24×7 staffing, whether it be network technicians, system administrators or support members, all of them have set the bar high for customers. Its team of experts and professionals are able to make it happen for customers.

Hosting plan

Its plans include dedicated servers, private cloud, colocation, managed services & data migration. Dedicated Servers have all Computing options at one place. That is Bare Metal server hosting.

Features & control panel

Group Features of Dedicatedsolutions.com consists of three different server groups budget, PRO and also custom servers. Budget server includes prebuilt servers. Pro servers include prebuilt servers & enterprise servers. Custom servers include custom build servers. It also offers a wide range of both Linux and Windows supported control panels that are all built to simplify server and website management. CPanel is more popular and more users are familiar and comfortable with it. They all think that its interface is friendlier than Plesk. Both Plesk and cPanel make it easy to migrate from one server to the other, assuming it moves to and from the same control panel.


Its support consists of fibre carriers to guard against service failure. Newest Cisco, Juniper & Terabit core routers are present. Through these advanced three routers, either of the routers can carry the full load of the City being served. With it, Dedicatedsolutions.com also provide 24/7 support facility to its customers.

Pros & cons

Dedicatedsolutions.com is furnishing services to its customers with an aim to provide best-dedicated server services to its customers at a lesser price.
There is no facility of refund.

Refund policy

It is not mentioned on Dedicatedsolutions.com`s website but there is a facility to resell customer`s dedicated server.


Dedicatedsolutions.com has set the bar high for customer’s services, this is what they love and they do it with their team of experts and professionals. They ensure customer’s servers will be located near to them for fast interconnection.

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