Web Hosting Review AceCloudHosting

Unique Selling Points

  • Intuit Authorized Hosting Provider for QuickBooks Software.

Services Offered: cloud services including application hosting, QuickBooks cloud, hosted PBX, managed hosting and dedicated servers

Headquarters: Florida

Target Customers: businesses, accounting firms and accounting professionals

What for Customers?

  • Delivers significant value to its clients

3 Months QuickBooks Hosting at No Cost – Offer for Startups & SMBs from Ace Cloud Hosting and Discount on purchase of QuickBooks license

About Ace Cloud Hosting

Director: Ms. Sangeeta Chhabra

Hosting for Business Accounts

Accounting operations like changing tax rules, managing bank loans, crowdfunding are always a concern for business. A shift from Desktop accounting software towards cloud-based accounting system is emerging. With same UI and features, accessibility increases, through any device connected to the Internet.
QuickBooks is cloud based accounting software to simplify accounting complexities.

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