Web Hosting Review 101domain

101domain offers the best domain registration services at low prices with excellent service and great support. It is the premier global registrar of domain names. It has a great collection of more than 3000 domain extensions offered all over the world. A full suite of domain services, including registration, transfers, renewal of domain name, domain expiration protection and their privacy is offered. With this, a full suite of domain lifecycle services for internationalized domain names (IDNs), including registration, renewal, transfer of international domain, specialized “sunrise” services for new top-level domain (TLD) launches. By registering a domain, a Welcome page, URL Forwarding, Moving DNS, Parking, Domain Support all offered for free.

101Domain.com: Company Overview

101domain.com is the most popular international registrar of domain names, delivering near about 3000 Domain Extensions across the world since year 2000. Many features are provided by the company such as domain name transfers, domain name registration, domain privacy services, domain expiration protection and domain name renewal. Numerous domain extensions include renewal management, international domain registration, special sunrise services are provided for new launches related to new top-level domain, transfers and modifications. Business email solution provided by the company is peculiar in nature. It is simple to use business email services which are safe and fast. One single plan is available for all domains.

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Reliability and Performance:

During registration many features are provided free of cost such as Free Welcome Page, Free URL Forwarding, Free Parking, Free Moving DNS, Free Changing Contact info and Free Domain Support. Company provides web hosting services with 99.99% uptime guarantee and dedicated IP address. Domain email services include message filtering, HTML message composition with WYSIWIG editor, keyboard navigation, built in attachment viewers and message searching. Domain Name System Security Extensions are known as DNSSEC that was designed to manage DNS vulnerabilities like cache poisoning and data modification in authorized servers and “man in the middle” attacks.

Hosting Plans:

Domain Hosting is also called unlimited hosting as only one plan and one price are available which are unlimited. The unlimited features include disk storage, monthly bandwidth, domains hosted, multiple FTP accounts, email accounts, FTP Backups, Linux operating system, spam filtering, email addresses, IMAP/POP/SMTP Access and MySQL Databases.

101domain review

Features and Control Panel:

  • Defensive Registrations
  • Domain Security
  • Transfer Domains.
  • Brand Protection.
  • Quote Tool.
  • Corporate Solutions
  • Web builder
  • Plesk is used as control panel.


101domain provides email and chat support to the customer as per the requirement. Technical support is provided by technical experts which are available 24/7/365 days. Customer can any query related to hosting services, they can solve anytime.


  • Technical Experts are friendly and interactive in nature.
  • Reliable service.
  • Affordable prices.
  • User friendly.



Cancellation Policy:

Customer may cancel the services any time if he didn’t find the services more suitable. Customer has to submit the cancellation request first then only company will allow canceling the services. If anybody follows all rules and regulations during cancellation of account then no extra charge will be paid. Company can also terminate the account if it will find any discrepancy on user’s account. Some steps are to be undertaken while termination:

  • It allows user to make transfer of his domain name to another hosting provider.
  • Follow all legal process.
  • Apply ICANN policy involves UDRP or URS.
  • Neglect any criminal liability.
  • Resolve first all third parties issues.
  • Terminate the service.


101Domain is ICANN-accredited global domain name registrar. All domains are available at single plan and price. The features offered by the company are unlimited. Technical support is very good in case of any customer query. Domain registration includes many features which are provided to the customers at free of cost or at very low prices. It provides also online protection to clients. There are various domains extensions on which this company delivers hosting services. This is applicable to all size of websites. There is no constraint towards type and size of the website.

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