Web Hosting Review Bravenet

Bravenet offers cheapest hosting solutions with outstanding support, unlimited hosting, and other services. The company follows the policy of one price, one plan. Also, they have unlimited hosting features, reliable, secure hosting and user-friendly support. Their hosting plans come with unlimited benefits such as unlimited bandwidth, storage, email accounts, virus and spam protection and access to various other webmaster tools. Their dedicated support system appears to be full of information and knowledge. However, Bravenet.com offers only wiki documents section, support ticket area, and member’s forum. Moreover, their hosting features include FTP access, site builder, CMS system, secured and monitored servers, advanced tools and quality servers.

Bravenet Overview

Bravenet provides you with the complete solution of website including its creation, domain registration, web hosting and web tools for free. Company was founded by Mr. Dave, who has developed the tools which are highly interactive, remotely hosted, customized and meant for all kinds of webmasters, without considering their level of skills.

Very dedicated, highly qualified and experienced staff is working in the company who are continuously putting their efforts in creating innovative services and timely upgrade their existing tools. To cope up with the changes emerges in context of web, company is continuously thriving for the same.

Bravenet: Reliability and Performance

Your website, hosting and other important aspects, all are in the safe hands, if you are connected with the Bravenet. No. of features like SSL Certificates, Password Protected web pages, Protection from Spam and Virus are offered in order to ensure your site security. With this, if anytime , if you face any problem, their supporting team is also available to resolve all your issues and left you with no worries, stress or tension. It offers you with maximum reliability and other useful features and tools leads to good performance based hosting.

Bravenet Plans

Web hosting of Bravenet comes with a single plan but this single plan contains all the useful and required features which are necessary for your site. A no. of features are offered. In terms of providing security, SSL Certificate, protection from Spam and virus, for power backup, UPS and generator is offered. Some of the important features are offered in unlimited quantity such as Unlimited Websites, Unlimited Email Accounts, Unlimited Disk space, Unlimited Data transfer or Bandwidth. Backups are done on daily basis via offline mode. Other relevant features it includes are you may access to loads of Webmaster Tools, rich website analytics and statistics, Load balanced web servers, Transfer files through WebFTP, PHP with custom configuration, MySQL databases with editor, monitoring of Server & connection, free and very user friendly website Builder / CMS System included.


Bravenet: Features and Control Panel

  • PHP on Apache
  • Calendars via online mode
  • Website Statistics
  • Free Website Builder and Free Mailing List Service
  • Webmail Access
  • MySQL Databases
  • Blogs or Journals & Guest books
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Drag and Drop Website Editor
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Hundreds of web templates

Bravenet Support

Bravenet offers you with a huge Help Centre, where you may get support, if you have any technical, hosting or your site related any kind of issue. You may communicate to the supporting team of company via submitting a support ticket to them with your query and other details. They respond you very well within a short span of time with a satisfactory and quality response, results in yours satisfaction and ultimately company.


  • Customizable, prompt & reliable services
  • Complete website and hosting solution
  • Dedicated Customer Support
  • Relevant features and web tools
  • High level of security
  • Superior performance
  • Customer is not bound by any agreement
  • Unlimited Websites, email Accounts, Disk space, & Bandwidth


  • Web hosting plans are very less
  • No refund policy or cancellation policy offered
  • No Uptime guarantee offered
  • No Money back guarantee is there
  • Customer Support via Live chat or phone is not available

Cancellation Policy/ Refund Policy

Unfortunately, company offers you with no cancellation or refund policy. There is no money back guarantee offered by company, like most of the other web hosting companies.


Bravenet possess some of the cons like no money back guarantee, no uptime guarantee, less plans but still its pros are more, which is already stated above. And as everything has some plus and some minus points, so Bravenet has but still it is counted in the list of good web hosting companies.

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