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Livedrive is an online backup and sync storage company owned by j2 Global, inc. We have been in operation for 6 years and currently have over 1 million customers worldwide.

Livedrive’s aim is to protect your files and enable you to access them from anywhere at any time. We partner with some of the world’s most famous online and offline electronics retailers including; Currys, PC World, Dixons, CompUSA and TigerDirect. We also sell all-in-one online storage solutions to consumers and businesses directly via our website and through several thousand small businesses.

Livedrive.com : Company Overview

Livedrive.com was established in 2008. It is an online cloud backup and sync storage device owned by J2 global. It also provides unlimited backup space for their customers. Livedrive is the fastest growing company. It enables users to access their data from mobile phones and tablets. Currently Livedrive has a various apps for iOS, Chrome OS, Android and windows. Livedrive offers a computer backup, sync files across the computers, access file from the web etc. Livedrive Company is No. 1 in USA and Europe. It has a top rated cloud storage vendor on both sides of the Atlantic.

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Reliability and performance/Uptime policy

Livedrive support businesses as well as professional and home users. It offers a full range of service allowing products to grow with their customer needs. Livedrive provide service to their customer since seven year. Currently it has over 1 million customers worldwide. Partner of Livedrive are the world’s most famous online and offline electronics retailers including CompUSA, PC world, Tigerdirect and Dixons. It is providing best support for business and resellers. Livedrive give the unlimited backup in every package to their customers. It is an ideal online solution for anyone who wants to backup’s heavy file such as music and videos

Plan & Pricing

Livedrive in three various features depending on their customer needs. There is plan for backup only which is called, guess what backup. Then there is like briefcase which will not only give backup but also file synchronization to their customer. For more advanced users there is the Pro Suite which combines unlimited online backup with an even larger 5TB syncing Briefcase.

Unlikely, it is common practice among online backup services to notify a very low monthly rate. In fact this fee cannot be paid on a monthly basis. Instead need to commit their customer for one or two years, to get the full savings. The Backup Plan is the cheapest alternative. If the customer just looking for backup this may just work fine for customer. However, it is not going to be able to sync files with the Backup plan.

The Briefcase is useful for people who are looking for cloud storage only. It will get a 2TB hard drive in the cloud that is going to be synced automatically to all of devices. Of course customer can use it to backup files. Just like Drop box is not a backup solution, the Briefcase should not be considered one either.

The Pro Suite combines best of two worlds – cloud storage, file sync and backup, so it is the most expensive of the three. If you choose to pay 2 years in advance it is very cheap compared to Sugar Sync. The combined plan for both Backup and Briefcase is called the Pro Suite and have unlimited backup and 5TB that’s 5000GB of cloud storage space.


Key Features

Many other online backup providers such as Backup Genie and My PC Backup offer limited backup space in their basic plans. Livedrive differentiates itself by offering unlimited backup with their most basic plan. Livedrive also provides file versioning for up to 30 prior versions of each file service, which can provide peace of mind for anyone who may need to access previous versions of an important file.

It is important to note that many features that are given by other backup providers are only available in Livedrive upgraded Briefcase plan. These features are the sharing of files with others including sharing, social media websites, editing files directly in a web. It’s offering a different restoration of deleted files for 30 days. The stream music and movies directly from Livedrive folder from any web browser for customer.Mobile access from nearly every type of device including Androids, iPhone, Kindles and Blackberries. Backup of chosen files rather than automatic backup of the entire computer for a completely personalized experience


Live customer support is available from Livedrive. The company offer ticket system support to their customer. Though many online backup companies offer live support and email support. This company sets itself apart by offering technical support. It’s designated support console so that the inquiries will get directly to their target technician. It will not be merged with sales inquiries or other non-related emails.


Livedrive is the company that offer both backup and cloud storage services, for both end-users as well as businesses. It provides cheap prices as compared to other providers.


Livedrive not provide a free account. Sometime it does not offer a file sharing permissions and file collaboration options.

Cancellation and refund policy

Livedrive provide support for customer as per trial any Backup, Briefcase, Pro Suite, or Business Livedrive account. This will allow to having good experience and easy to use system. The customer fully understands the benefits of Livedrive. If for some reason the customer wants to cancel their account so they are eligible for refund money as long as the account has not been open for more than 30 days.


Livedrive offers an unlimited backup in every package. It is a best live backup solution for anyone who wants to backup heavy files such as music or videos, as well as standard computer files. The ability to restore files for up to 30 days makes Livedrive is beneficial for anybody who has the need to access past files or may want to review a prior version of a document or other file type. The service of Livedrive is easy to install and to run and it runs seamlessly in the background of every computer, working efficiently while permitting the computer user to do the same.

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