Web Hosting Review UltraHosting

Ultrahosting is a leading IT dedicated hosting company in North America, founded in 1983. It offers secure and reliable web hosting at very lowest prices. Customers get best virtual private hosting services to accommodate applications and websites. Company’s technical staff helps in running networks smoothly all the time. Apart from this, their hosting plans include features like full root access, dedicated IP address, gigabit switch uplink, get a choice of Linux distro. It`s redundant high availability power and power grids into facility provide best in class high uptime to the customers. Therefore, all the users get advantages of top tier IT dedicated hosting company at affordable rates.

UltraHosting Overview

UltraHosting is one of North America’s foremost IT dedicated hosting companies launched in 1983 with over 70,000 square feet of data centre buildings, diesel megawatt generators, carrier independent facilities. UltraHosting is dissimilar than other IT dedicated hosting companies: over 150 brilliant people on staff with a wide array of technical proficiency varying from Microsoft, deep UNIX and Linux certifications

With completely gifted staff, UltraHosting think about customers as much as necessary to entrust that their applications and web sites stays operational all the time. They call this Ultra Support. While other firms make use of fancy terms to describe their assurance, UltraHosting endorse their commitment with talented technical staff, facilities among the largest collection of IT certifications found anywhere.

UltraHosting: Reliability and Uptime Report

SiteGeek analysis shows 99.9% uptime last week for UltraHosting. Up Time % is the amount of time websites hosted by the hosting company are available for users or visitors. UltraHosting time and again consistent high up-time percentages very close to 100%, means sites hosted by UltraHosting are available 24/7 or exceptionally close to 24/7. UltraHosting has 90% positive user sentiment on SiteGeek, based on social media content and conversations. It’s a real time snapshot of customer’s perception of hosting company and ensures hosting company is meeting user needs and convey quality service.

UltraHosting Plans

UltraHosting guarantee lowest prices and offer best Virtual Private Hosting services to accommodate customer’s applications and websites since last 25 years. From business server colocation to VPS hosting, UltraHosting has what customer need to successfully run their website and develop business.

All UltraHosting affordable VPS servers are flexible; With UltraHosting customer can select from wide array of affordable, superior services including VPS hosting and colocation services. All UltraHosting affordable VPS servers are flexible; customers system grows with their business. With fully customizable options, you can be certain your VPS web hosting solutions are right for your company’s needs now—and in the future. Microsoft, Linux and UNIX specialists are at customer discretion for even the sharpest demands for VPS server.


UltraHosting: Features and Control Panel

UltraHosting offer a choice of control panels for Linux hosting customers. Users can choose Plesk or cPanel for site administration purposes. Windows hosting customers are offered Plesk.

UltraHosting Support

  • 24 by 7, 365 days a year, Live Support & Expertise on Staff
  • Full Managed Support for Linux, Microsoft, Solaris, and AIX
  • UltraSupport technical and account team
  • Priority Response to Emergency Support Tickets


UltraHosting offers fully customizable options for VPS Hosting


Some reported performance issues and slow servers

Cancellation Policy/ Refund Policy

UltraHosting offers a 110% no-nonsense price guarantee, If customer can find a lower advertised price from another North American hosting service provider with the same offering as a posted UltraHosting plan within 30 days of ordering at UltraHosting.com


UltraHosting is secure and reliable business web hosting company; they guarantee the lowest prices and offer the best Virtual Private Hosting services to accommodate customer applications and websites since last 25 years. From business server colocation to VPS hosting, UltraHosting have what customer need to fruitfully run their website and develop business.

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