Web Hosting Review RimuHosting

RimuHosting considered as an excellent host as it use prompt hardware, brilliant VPS technology, reliable network to make websites perform well and offers enriching Java & JSP hosting experience to their clients. With a good track record it is operating business in a honest and decent manner. VPS Hosting plans comes with great features at low prices. Dedicated server hosting offers enough amount of memory, CPU, disk space & bandwidth with Core 2 and Athlon64. It specialize in offering Linux VPS Hosting plans, which are more powerful and flexible. It is a perfect platform for offering secure business web hosting.

RimuHosting Overview

RimuHosting is a fairly experienced web hosting provider and has been doing business based on goodwill of its customer relations. The Company is one of the first ones to offer Xen based VPS and has been named as Asia Pacific region`s fastest growing tech company for three years subsequently by Deloitte. RimuHosting provides a reliable and flexible hosting for customers based in 90 countries for more than twelve years. The Company owns its own servers and takes full responsibility for its functioning. Their data centers are located in Dallas, London, Brisbane, Auckland and Frankfurt.

Reliability and Uptime Report

RimHosting provides assured 99.9% uptime guarantee. This figure excludes scheduled server maintenance. In case the company is unable to secure this guarantee, it provides credits to customers. The credit should be claimed within 45 days.

Hosting Plans

VPS hosting comprises of three plans: Budget, Popular and Large plans. They provide the user with: 4 – 12 GB disk space, 15 – 100 GB data transfer, 2676 – 5566 MB memory and data center choice. Additional features provided are: customizable plan with configuration options of data transfer, memory, data center and disk size, Full SSH root access, Managed DNS and Fully-managed server options.

For dedicated server options, the user has the option of selecting plans according to the location. Dallas-based single CPU servers provides 32 GB Memory, Quad Core 2013, 250 GB-10000 GB data transfer, 1000 GB-2000 GB Up to 4 GB disk space along with $ 99 set up fees. Dallas-based dual CPU servers provides four plans: 2 x Quad Core 2008 Clover/Harpertown Xeon, 2 x 2013 Jaketown Xeon, 2 x 2014 Haswell Xeon and The Behemoth: 2 x Hex Core Ivy Bridge Xeon. It renders the user with 4 – 128 GB memory, 250 – 10000 GB data transfer and up to 10 Gbps public connection. Other packages provided are: London-based Dedicated Servers, Australia-based Dedicated Server and NZ-based Dedicated Servers.

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Features and Control Panel

  • Xen technology used with VPS hosting for premium hosting.
  • Monitor data transfer usage and check host server load.
  • Dual quad core Xeons with RAID provides users with fast hardware.
  • View information: restart requests, kernel, backup logs
  • Reliable Network.
  • DNS management
  • Ticket status tracking
  • Choice of Linux: Debian, Ubuntu and Red Hat™


For sales enquiry, a customer is free to ask for details via email to: support@rimuhosting.com. For urgent support, support tickets are available along with live chat. The company supports Twitter page in which a user can have a glance on various upcoming plans and promos. Other support measures include email and phone support.


RimuHosting plans have a one month contract period. There is no requirement for long term commitments.


Phone support is provided only during office hours.

Cancellation Policy

New account holders are free to cancel services within 30 days of account activation. For cancelling dedicated server accounts, the company initiates the process with the next billing period. This duration should be ideally 7 days notice period. For Brisbane data center a minimum of 30 days’ notice is required. This is not so in case of VPS server cancellations. VPS servers can be cancelled at any point of time before the month starts. VPS plans include 30 day money back guarantee for new customers. RimuHosting provides refund of web hosting setup fees and other recurring fees excluding usage fees.


RimuHosting is a renowned company for its strong support staff and quick response time. With no binding long term contracts, the customer is free to judge the best hosting provider. RimuHosting specializes in Linux Virtual Private Server hosting and are more flexible than standard ones. The Company provides services like: Launchtime™ VPS servers, RimuHosting™ Dedicated servers, 2 Parts Magic™, Website monitoring service: Pingability™, Remote FTP backup service: Bakop™ and Zonomi™ DNS hosting service.

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