Web Hosting Review Sedo

Sedo has established global domain name marketplace and enhanced into range of domain name selection. Their offices located in Germany, US and Great Britain. It is one place for everything related to domain. Company serves around 2 million customers worldwide. Their international team speaks 25 languages and supports every aspect of domaining. Sedo offers various modes of payment. Services which company provides include domain appraisals, domain transfer, and customer support. Company helps in making connection with brokers for purchase a specific name or find a right domain. Their professional analysts deliver accurate report for domains. Apart from this, customers can take benefit of secure external domain transfer service.

Sedo.com : Company Overview

Sedo is a domain name and website marketplace. It is a domain parking provider based and offers its services in Cologne, Germany and Cambridge, Massachusetts. It has more than 16 million domain names that are listed on its website for buying and selling both. This company, is a subsidiary of German-based United Internet. It is a neutral market-place and it is like a one-stop shop where you can get everything that is related to the domain. Its products are aligned to meet the domain needs of Sedo’s 2 million customers worldwide who buy, sell, and park domains daily. Its international team speaks 25 languages, which is great.

Reliability and Uptime Report

Sedo achieved 100% uptime last week. With 0 existing domains were deleted, 0 domains were transferred away, 0 new domains were registered with Sedo and 0 domains were transferred to Sedo from other web hosts. It is a reliable web hosting company.

Plan and Pricing

Sedo provides the services of – Domain Brokerage, Domain Appraisals, Domain Transfers and Personal Domain Consultation. Whether you have a need of domain for personal use or for business use Sedo, the world’s largest marketplace help you to find out what you are looking for. It has a list of plans from which you can choose any of the plans as per your need and budget. It provides you the facility of auction to buy premium domains.

Features and Control Panel

It`s free domain offers the features of – email forwarding, URL forwarding, DNS management, caring customer support. automatic renewals, simple subdomain manager, discounted multi-year registration, plug &play web app connection and many more. Sedo has various features, some of the major features are – Global reach, Secure purchasing process Brokerage, services, sell by trade, make offer, sell by auction, marketplace auction and sell by brokerage.

Technical Support

Its technical support team is glad to help its customers. It offers technical support through phone also. For further assistance you can visit to its service center. Whenever any problem occurs you just need to contact its technical support staff. Its customer support team is made up of compassionate, real and knowledgeable human beings who are always ready to help and assist its clients. No phone trees, no call centers — just compassionate, person-to-person care.


Sedo.com has various pros, some of the major pros are – smart search function, domain catalog, market news & developments, reliability, great uptime, amazing technical support and many more.


Sedo is an experienced web hosting company which has shown remarkable success. It has been establishing as a global domain name marketplace. It is expanding into a wide selection of domain name services. Currently it has employed more than 150 employees from 30 plus countries at offices. It was located in the Great Britain, United States and Germany. Sedo has realised the diversity of its employees to continue the extending reach of its services which is regardless to its language or location. The top priorities of Sedo have to always focus on research and development to innovate and expand services. Sedo has positioned to continue its growth as a complete domain service provider and it has an internationally recognized brand. Overall it is a great company. Moreover, it is worthy to spend your bucks on it.

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