Web Hosting Review Site5

Site5 achieves 99.34% uptime last week. The Analysis graph shows that 6 existing domains were deleted from Site5 and 14 domains were transferred away from Site5. The graph also shows that 27 new domains were registered with Site5 and 55 domains were transferred to Site5 from other web hosts. Based on social media content and conversations, Site5 has 66.67% positive user sentiment.

Site5 existing hosting values are based on assured performance. While other hosts may endeavor to force as many accounts as possible on shared servers, Site5 have used years of knowledge and technical analysis achieved by technical gurus to find out exactly how many accounts should be situated on any given server. In addition, Site5 are constantly upgrading hardware platforms to be amongst the most excellent in the industry.

Site5 Hosting

Site5 features; No Outsourced Support, No Overloaded Servers, no hidden fees, No-Hassles 45 Day Money Back Guarantee, Developers & Engineers In-House. Conceivably the finest example of a proprietary Site5 application is customers Backstage interface, an account portal that lets customer access every single feature of Site5 service from one place.

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Site5, pride themselves on being environmentally responsible. They have worked hard to keep operations efficient and to limit impact on the environment. Carbon Neutral Hosting, Site5 plants trees to balance their carbon output. Green Employees, All systems are designed around a remote workforce which is the greenest possible option for a company. Green Servers constantly work to reduce costs and impact by leveraging new technologies to lower power utilization, using natural DC cooling technology, and using virtualization software to scale efficiently.

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