Web Hosting Review Yourwebhoster.eu

Since 2011, Yourwebhoster has been delivering hosting services for their clients. Their servers are located in Serverius DC1 and connect on 2N power setup. Therefore it keeps the server running even in case of batteries, generators and power grid is down. Company uses quality brands and network design where dependencies are minimum and deliver high-quality uptime. Their servers are connected with reliable network to the internet. Moreover, server park runs with enterprise hardware including hard disks running at least RAID 10. Besides this, guaranteed reply within 24 hours after opening a ticket. Knowledge-base is available to provide more support and resolve issues faster.

Yourwebhoster : Company Overview

Yourwebhoster.eu is a web hosting provider which is Dutch-based & furnishing services since five years. If a person is looking for quality web hosting service provider with enterprise backup & with a reasonable price then there are Virtual Private Server that is VPS, it also sell hosting to a customer`s client, its services are designed to be used white label means clean services. This allows a customer to offer services to clients without having to setup their own hosting platform. With it, a person can use high-end flexible VPS platform for their servers. Yourwebhoster.eu is also creating level 5 package for its customers. There are lots more services than mentioned here.

Reliability & performance

Since five years its servers have helped millions of end users by delivering website hosting and servers through a reliable data centre, where its servers are located. Servers are connecting on a 2N power setup. This allows them to keep the servers running even when one of the batteries or generators and the power grid is down. Also, makes them a great performer & trustworthy. Their servers are connected through a reliable and stable network to the internet. By using quality brands and a good network design where dependencies are minimal, they can deliver a high-quality uptime.

Hosting plans

There are various hosting plans yourwebhoster.eu offers. A wholesale VPS is ideal when a person wants to sell VPS. With its comprehensive program, a person can sell Virtual Private Servers with his own specifications. With flexibility, it renders possibility to create a VPS with 0.5GB of RAM and a VPS with 2.5 GB of RAM. With it, IPv6 is offered for free of cost. On a regular base, it adds new blogs related to the services of Yourwebhoster.eu. There server park only runs with enterprise hardware with hard disks running in at least RAID 10. The server can stay only in the event when a hard drive fails without losing data.

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Control panel & features

It offers a lot of Operating Systems which can be installed through a template or an ISO. A template allows a person to install his server very quickly that is in minutes, and an ISO allows a person to customize the server according to his needs. Its head office is in Netherland, through which it furnishes various services to its customers.


Yourwebhoster.eu guarantees that a customer will get a reply to his question within 24 hours after opening a ticket. Usually, they reply within a couple of hours. It also has a Knowledge Base to help a customer quickly. There are several ways to contact them by phone, e-mail or a support ticket. By various means it renders quality support to its clients.

Refund policy

It is not mentioned on its website. If a person wants to know about Yourwebhoster.eu in detail, then he needs to contact their support provider.


Yourwebhoster.eu servers only run when they are being used and always run on green energy. It is furnishing web hosting since five years & doing it with proud. They can say how good they are, but their clients are main objective and more reliable about how they experience their services. It is a web hosting service provider who has gained success in a very less time period.

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