Web Hosting Review Hostingpalvelu.fi

Services Offered: shared hosting, cloud servers, cloud hosting and domain name registration

Establishment: 2008

Data Center: Finland

Target Customers: small and middle-sized companies

What for Customers?

  • Affordable, Speedy and reliable hosting services

Package contains starter kit, company site, company site x2 and basic package. Availability of hosting packages to users is according to month and year. Some add-ons provided which can be added by a user as per requirement. These additional components are E-Commerce, CMS, blog or news, image carousel, advertising, search, password protection, form, comments, photo gallery, and movies. Hosting service is more fast, reliable and versatile in nature. Most notable features are a home machine, installation program, and full featured email.


Hostingpalvelu.fi web hosting company offers their clients a variety of hosting features from which to choose. This hosting company also offers clients 4 hosting plans; the starter plan, the basic package, the company hosting plan and company plan*2. The starter kit at hostingpalvelu.com has features that include 1GB disk space each month, 10GB monthly bandwidth,1 domain, 1 MySQL database and 2 e-mail accounts for just 3.90 Euros. The basic hosting package on the other hand comes which an array of features from which clients can choose. These include disk space of 4GB per month, 40GB bandwidth each month, 5 domains, 5MySQL databases and 10 e-mail accounts. All these and more for just 7.90 Euros a month. The company-hosting package costs 14.90 Euros a month and comes with lots of features. These include bandwidth of up to 100GB a month, 10 GB of disk space a month, unlimited MySQL databases, a maximum of 21 domains and up to 50 e-mail accounts. The last hosting plan is the Company plan *2 which costs 29.80 Euros a month. Some of the features of this hosting plan include unlimited MySQL databases, 100 e-mail accounts, a maximum of 21 domains and 20 GB disk space along with 200 GB of bandwidth. Each of these web hosting plans come with a site builder to help clients create their own websites. Clients at Hostingpalvelu.fi also get a money back guarantee in case one is dissatisfied with services offered.


The hosting services that Hostingpalvelu.fi offers its clients are very fast and reliable. Their state of the art data centers ensure that they offer fast connections and high quality hosting service. On top of that, they employ the latest technologies in their data centers, ensuring that the performance of their hosting services is the best.


Hostingpalvelu.fi web hosting company offers very reliable hosting services to all their clients. Moreover, their hosting offers 99.9% network up time and fast connections. The support team at Hostingpalvelu.fi hosting company is very helpful to clients and are always readily available which makes their services very reliable. Clients at this company also enjoy fast SSD drives.

Customer Service

The customer support team at the company can be reached throughout the day via phone, e-mail and live chat.

Recent Update

Hostingpalvelu implemented incoming filter solution from Spamexperts in its local cloud. This feature enable to an immediate spam reduction and eased the entire maintenance process for the support team at Suomen Hostingpalvelu. Now support team freeto focus on other tickets and less on dealing with spam.now shared hosting plans more appealing and more professional. Customer’s satisfaction increased and differentiate from competition and build new revenue streams

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