Web Hosting Review LightningBase

Lightningbase created for providing secure and reliable WordPress sites with modern Xeon processors and 100% SSD based storage. This provider is best for beginners, small and large sites and for those who are running multiple sites. It is they also added free migrations, truly global CDN, and automatic backups. Company uses servers based on latest Intel Xeon processor connected to redundant infrastructure. Servers are Linux based running custom combination of software for excellent performance WordPress hosting. Datacenter located in Chicago, USA and provide server speed, server monitoring and protect data. Lightningbase encourages to Setcloudflare for speeding DNS resolution and security. Besides this, their hosting features include instant set up, transfer, multisite support, WordPress service, and support.

Lightningbase.com: Company Overview

Lightningbase.com delivers ultimate interface for websites based on WordPress Hosting. It requires to update properly that should well secure and make change at large scale. Lightningbase was established in November 2011 and therefore the services were launched thereafter. From the starting, everything has been setup to manage very bulky websites. WordPress provided by company is actually open-source software. It is very safe and secure. Every feature involved in the services of the company depends on the requirement of customer. Word Press hosting makes the website run fast and it means it may run large website also.

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Reliability and Performance

Lightningbase is offering reliable hosting services. Servers are designed with SSD based storage and modern Xeon processors, a fast web server stack setup with Varnish and locked down from invaders. Extra features are also added like backups, free site transfers and a true global CDN. The website of user will run fast and smooth so that time will be saved. Sever keeps secure information of user from hackers and provides high speed also. This is applicable on the large scale of websites also. Firewalls are also available to prevent unwanted traffic flow from the network.

Hosting Plans

Word Press Hosting comes with 100% SSD Raid-10 storage, Modern Xeon processors, Global CDN, Caching for each site, Plugins setup, Varnish, Automatic backups, multi-site support, comprehensive firewalls and SSD storage. This hosting is available in different packages at different prices.

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Features and Control Panel

  • Stable and Secure.
  • Supported and Maintained.
  • Reliable Managed WordPress Hosting
  • Hosting numerous websites for clients
  • Free site transfers.
  • Backups
  • Truly global CDN
  • A fast web server stack
  • DirectAdmin is used as a control panel.


Lightningbase provides technical support to clients via phone, email, chat or contact form. Customer can get desired support by the technical experts. Technical team provides solutions always as per their requirement. They are always available to sort out any query followed by the customer.


  • Server speed is good.
  • Multi-site support.
  • Reliability.
  • Usability
  • Good security strategy.
  • Multiple plans according to the customer.


  • Just one pricing is available.
  • Advanced plans are more expensive.
  • Non-effective knowledge, FAQ with some articles and answers.

Cancellation Policy:

Customer can apply cancellation request to the company if he is dissatisfied with the services. He has to send request by email in writing via support portal. There is a notice period of 30 days in which a client has to apply. If a client will not apply his request within notice period then no refunds will be provided in any case. For cancellation, user will have to open his personalized URL and then follow the rules which are written in that link. After some time of cancellation request, the company will delete all the useful information related to the user.


Lightningbase provides WordPress and Managed WordPress hosting to the customers. Visitors are influenced by this hosting and purchase more to make their website more reliable and secure. Search rankings will also be improved. User need not to worry about server management, deploying Word Press websites and for server backups. CDN is configured and cached by the organization. Word Press hosting is stable and secure so that customer can easily use to enhance the performance of his site.

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