Web Hosting Review Meebox.net

Meebox offers reseller and cloud VPS hosting. It delivers some satisfied customers hosting and domain names as per user’s needs. Hosting service contains domains, 90 days refund policy, unlimited bandwidth, 100 GB disk space and internet freedom. It offers to host at an affordable price and is of high quality. A customer can get technical support via help tickets, support articles, contact sales and status. Experts team are available always providing best solutions whenever required by users. Company consists of 33% technical wonders, 33% wonders, 33% love for hosting and 1% wild ideas. It targets at a good hosting experience.

Meebox.net: Company Overview

Meebox provides the facility of domains and web hosting. It provides web hosting to more than 15,000 customers. And 50,000 domains are hosted in their account.

Reliability and Uptime Report

Meebox has achieved 100% uptime last week. With 9 existing domains were deleted, 0 domains were transferred away, 0 new domains were registered with Meebox and 0 domains were transferred to Meebox from other web hosts.

There are very few complaints about its uptime and reliability. It does not offer any SLAs and does not guarantee for shared hosting options. However, when you choose its cloud server, you get a 99.9% uptime guarantee. It provides stable experiences.

Plan and Pricing

Meebox has various plans of – Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting and Dedicated Server. Its plans are further divided into – Basic, Premium and Premium Pro plans. It is best for those who have a professional web hosting need. It has a list of plans from which you can choose any of the plans which will able to fulfill your need and best fitted in your budget too. The prices that are offered by this company are not the lowest but still they are very reasonable. It is fairly average for the most part. It has a lot of options for the cloud servers. And if you just want a low end cloud service then you can get it here in a great price.

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Features and Control Panel

Meebox has nice features on odd lineup of hosting packages. Its hosting packages are fairly standard at first glance. They have several entry level shared hosting packages as well as professional hosting packages to choose from. It is more stable and faster. If you need higher end hosting then its cloud server is best for you. It offers good reseller options and the ability to buy domains. Its some packages also provides free domain.

Technical Support

It offers nice self help options which have limited live support. Meebox has a nice knowledgebase and other self help services available to assist you when you are running into any problems. It also offers the facility of live chat and phone support too. However, it offers this facility only for 12 hours per day. You can use their online help desk to submit tickets, it is monitored 24/7. This company’s main goal is customer satisfaction. It has skilled knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated technical support team.


Meebox has lots of pros, some of the major pros are – easy to upgrade cloud hosting, option for low client shared hosting, entry level hosting is very affordable, very high end servers, super fast load times for my site, excellent customer support & service, friendly environment, customer satisfaction, 24/7 technical support system and many more.


Meebox has few cons, they are – no VPS options and professional hosting options are actually shared (somewhat confusing)

Cancellation and Refund Policy

It does not offer any refund policy.


The prices of this company are not the lowest but still they are very reasonable. This company is very helpful. They are actually new to the web hosting world, but still they are offering great services. If you are looking for the fastest, most reliable and stable hosting then it is a great company to consider. It is extremely fast with their setup and its servers are also quite quick. In Denmark it is one of the best web hosting providers. It can certainly do everything that can make you happy. Its most customers are able to find a good package that is able to meet their needs.

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