Latest News and Hosting Review ASPHostPortal

Company Introduction is the best and cheap hosting that Microsoft No 1 recommended ASP.NET and Linux hosting partner in United States. Web hosting has capability to support latest technology such as Web Deploy, Web Matrix, Visual Studio 2015, ASP.NET MVC 6.0/5.2, Latest MySql version, Latest PHPMyAdmin, Support PHP 5.x, etc. Its services include reseller hosting, shared hosting and sharepoint and make certain every website and software hosted is secure and performs at the best possible level. Their servers are located in 8 data centers around the globe including Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Seattle , Washington, UK, France Australia and Germany.
The company offers most comprehensive customer control panels which provide maximum control. Powerful hosting control panel is flexible and gives user direct control over web hosting account. Control panel and system configuration is fully automated and setting configured quickly and automatically.

ASPHostPortal Declared Entity Framework 7 Hosting solution

ASPHostPortal has introduced Entity framework 7 Hosting with great responsive support and ultimate services. Entity framework is recommended technology to develop complex system and is more powerful than ADO.Net and LINQ to SQL. Entity framework is the main technology used by Object Relational Mapping, which will create business object according to database structure.
ORM cut down and easy to use. Entity framework can minimize code by creating model instead of develop class to access data. Its’ data access code is under source control and its’ fast functionality for insert, delete,update, select and other CRUD operation. Through this, database modification can be done just by changing model or business object. Company have an exceptional support service which available 24/7 to help out users issues and enhance website with money back guarantee in case of user is not happy with services.

ASPHostPortal Features

Company breaks each package down and offers comprehensive list of everything user will get. Entry level shared hosting gets 1 GB of disk space and 10 GB of bandwidth. User will get access to SQL and more options such as dedicated cloud servers can choose from budget dedicated servers on premium versions. They also offer huge amount of power, simplicity and flexibility at discounted price with innovative concept of its systems, operation, strategy , management teams and procedures.
It has designed its’ network in a way that no other hosting company has done. Each facet of network infrastructure scales to gigabit speed without single point failure. Server security are top priorities for ASPHostPortal. Team consistently monitoring and analyzing entire network for unusual behavior so they detect issue before server get affected. Its’ recovery system is seamless with complete managed backup services. They monitor server constantly to ensure data backed up properly and recoverable on time, user easily recover or repair data.


Pay for a long term or more than 2 years up front than user can get some discounts, which is what many companies offer now days. For dedicated cloud servers user can pay anywhere from $18 to $399 depending on what user required.

Uptime and Reliability

If site is down then visitors can’t be a part of web hosting. This company gives 99.9% uptime guarantee. 24*7 support staff with expert system admins keep server running at its peak. They use best practices, best data center and server has latest security patches. Company uses hardware and located in well established data centers all over the world. Engineer staff oversee top of the line servers which host user’s complex site and services.

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