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Domainit Company Overview

Domainit, as its name suggest, a pioneer in the domain name industry was founded in 1996. It is working to fulfill web hosting and domain name management needs, through efficient means, of their clients from all over the world.
It is an ICANN accredited registrar, and continuously meet people’s expectations. It offers prices up to 74% less than competitors, 24 hours a day service, exceptional customer support. DomainIt considered as a primary source for domain name services.
Its mission is to offer reliable, innovative services at competitive prices, with user-friendly, prompt and knowledgeable support.

Domainit Hosting Plans

Basic Plan
10 GB Disk space
250 GB Bandwidth
10 FTP Account
1x 1GB MySQL database
10 Subdomains
Price @ $7.95
Standard Plan
150 GB Disk space
Unlimited Bandwidth
50 FTP Account
5x 1GB MySQL database
25 Subdomains
Price @ $14.95
Premium Plan
Unlimited Disk space
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited FTP Account
25x 1GB MySQL database
100 Subdomains
Price @ $29.95
Along with above features, it includes Spam & Virus Filters, web based email, Email Auto-Responder & Away Messages, Access to Server Logs, Backup/Restores Tool, User Activity Monitor, FTP File Manager, Visitor Counter Script, Link & Code Validator, Secure Folders.
It includes scripts installed in one click    WordPress, Drupal, phpBB, Joomla, Counter, Guestbook, Order Form, Shopping Cart, etc. Set-Up Fee Free, Website Statistics, CGI Support, Custom Error Pages, Fantastico Scripts. And more important 24 hrs customer service is offered to support you.

Domainit E-Mail Plans

Basic Plan
1000 MB Disk space
25 Email Forwards
1 POP Mailbox
Price $0.99 /mo
Standard Plan
2000 MB Disk space
100 Email Forwards
5 POP Mailboxes
Price $1.99 /mo
Premium Plan
5000 MB Disk space
Unlimited Email Forwards
25 POP Mailboxes
Price $4.99 /mo
Along with the above, it also includes features such as Email Control Panel, IMAP Support, Spam Filters, Virus Protection, web based email, Email Auto-Responder & Away Messages. There is no setup fee for any of the plan. World-Class Telephone & Email Support is also available.
Domain registration, Domain Renewal and Domain transfer services offered.


Domainit offers first class support to their customers for throughout the year. If you are having queries or need technical assistance, customer support is available.


  1. World-Class Telephone & Email Support is offered to help clients.
  2. Just a single click to install various scripts
  3. E-Mail forwarding features are unlimited in all the plans.
  4. State-of-the-Art Control Panels
  5. Prices offered up to 74% less than rivals or competitors
  6. Complete Line of Domain Related Services
  7. High-quality graphics and templates provided for successfully creating the website
  8. Improves users web experience, various tools and resources offered.
  9. Website Marketing Services available for promoting your websites.
  10. No Hidden fees and ICANN fees.
  11. Templates, SEO and Marketing, links offered
  12. Continuous service updations
  13. To ensure security, SSL Certificates provided.

Domainit: Customer Testimonials

Company’s loyal customer stated their positive review that company has quick service. It was so easy, and fantastic to find a real person answering the phone immediately.

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