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About Company

Freeparking” is the leading email and web hosting biz of New Zealand also leads the domain name registration market by its reliability, scalability, swift performance, quality driven services and qualified team of experts.
The company started its journey in July 2000 as a division of WebFarm Ltd. Later on, its journey pushed hard by ICONZ and Webvisions Groups. ICONZ enhances its web hosting features, whereas Webvision sparks its shine by emphasizing cloud computing features.
By forming part of the ICONZ-Webvisions Group, Freeparking widen its area to reach more clientele and provide more values to their business.

Freeparking Reputation:

Over two decades of profound services, Freeparking built a great reputation in its respected industry. Including scalable solutions, reliable hosting, swift performance through its data centers, easy to access UI, Freeparking also provides unmatched support by professionals. Popular domain name registrar, Freeparking featuring:
  1. Company is a part of well known Cloud and managed hosting provider ICONZ-Webvisions Group.
  2. Company’s Auckland datacenter has a highly recommendable configuration, hardware and infrastructure.
  3. Freeparking continually refine its servers to get secure from security breaches such as viruses, spams and hackers.
  4. Including Domain Name Registration, Freeparking entertains its clients via offering services like Email Hosting, DIY designs, Web Hosting, servers etc.
  5. Proven 24*7*365 instant support by skilled professional to make their customers feel special.
  6. Economic Cloud based web hosting for windows and Linux platform, including 99.9% uptime, 30-days money back guarantee, adorable customer support and much more.

Freeparking Performance and Product offered:

Over two decades of servicing, Freeparking achieved a lot of milestones and served more than 90,000 customers, which is absolutely amazing as a reputed web hosting and domain name registrar. Company has proven 99.9% uptime with reliable support.

Profound services that can be found in the quiver of Freeparking are:

  1. Web Hosting
  2. Domain Name Registration
  3. Email Hosting
  4. DIY Design
  5. E-commerce solutions
  6. Dedicated Server
  7. VPS Hosting

Freeparking Reliability:

Company offers pure professional, economic and highly recommended domain name registration, cloud based managed web hosting, dedicated servers and VPS hosting services from last two decades with 99.9% uptime, 24/7/365 customer support, 30 days money back guarantee and amazing offers.

Customer Support and uptime:

Numbers of satisfied users, which reached over 90,000, are more than enough to detail its 24*7 customer support, 99.9% uptime services and long term relationship with clients. It has a separate tech team to identify technical issues and resolve it with the association of data center team to get back into the flawless work, as the company did recently while it faces DDoS attack.

Starter price of Freeparking’s products that being offered

  1. Email Hosting: Company offers varieties of email hosting packages from startups to established ones. Its 5 email package starts just in $49 yearly, which is best suitable for individuals, startups and small businesses.
  2. Web Hosting: Including all essential hosting features, reliable customer support and ultra fast speed, Company’s saver pack start in just $149 yearly with additional free domain name registration.
  3. VPS: Company’s pocket friendly cloud based VPS starts at just $29 per month with secured SSL certification, ultra fast speed and additional features. While company entertains small businesses with its saver packs, it remain thinking about large scale businesses by its managed VPS, which starts at just $149 per month.
  4. Dedicated Servers: With single vCPU 2.3GHz, 2 GB RAM, 40GB Hard disk space, unlimited NZ traffic, 20GB international traffic and 1 dedicated IP, offers its dedicated server at just $179 per month.

Apart from these, company also participates in:

  1. Domain name registration: Company renowned as popular domain registrar in New Zealand and offers its registration services last 17 years. It offers top level domains, including all generalize domain options.
  2. E-commerce Solutions: Company actively offers e-commerce related services such as SSL certificates, payment gateways and much more with its primary or profound services.
  3. DIY Designs: Inclusion with E-commerce, Domain names and hosting features, Freeparking also offers a DIY feature to create your own website as you like. By just some additional bucks, businesses can include DIY Design feature with their hosting packages.

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