Latest News and Hosting Review Hostnine

Company Profile

Hostnine is the best web hosting company that provides services to people from all around the globe since 2006. Company’s support team is consistently improving and evaluating product line and services ensuring firmly ahead of the competition. They have data centers in Netherlands, UK, United States and Asia. Hostnine focuses on keeping these data centers up to date to help minimize downtime or other hosting related issues. Hostnine offers VPS, shared and dedicated hosting option to ensure need of the user. Hosting packages are easy to sign up, and several one-click installs options for platforms like Joomla, WordPress, and others. The company goes further to giving excellent customer service and keeping their servers up and running seamlessly.
Additionally, their support team delivers live customer support, exceptional services, and highly customizable package. Hostnine only uses enterprise quality hardware and using expert knowledge to maintain it. Also, use handpicked selection of robust and reliable server hardware available power network and platform uses a dynamic blend of popular industry products as well as exclusive in house solutions.

Hostnine Features

Hostnine has several different packages to choose from each one coming with a standard suite of features which most people would expect. A user can access to things such as setting up own mailing lists, Perl, JavaScripts and much more with a 45-day money back guarantee which is better than the rests. Another best feature is that it allows switching data center site anytime without any additional charge. Some standard features include:-
  • Incredible Value for Money
  • Customizable Features
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Ease of Use
  • Hosting packages includes Reseller hosting, VPS Cloud Hosting, Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting

Hostnine’s Hosting types

Hostnine’s packages include Reseller, Media Hosting, Cloud VPS, Shared and Dedicated. Most popular hosting from the company is shared hosting option. It is cheapest hosting starting around $3.45 per month, and with its discounted coupon, a user can get less than $3 per month on this package.
The company offers three types of shared hosting that is Personal, Business and Enterprise shared hosting option allows for one domain, while other two allows for 100 domains. With Enterprise package, a user gets dedicated IP and SSL certificate just for $8.45 per month. Apart from this, they offer Cloud VPS which is a common hosting option. It also includes redundant network, flexibility and migration assistance with price starts as minimum as $30 and maximum up to $150.

Hostnine’s Uptime and Reliability

The company offers 99% uptime guarantee for their hosting packages. Since they have several high-quality data centers, provide security for those who need it. On top of that, a user can switch data centers anytime. If a user goes through company’s Twitter account and can search on web hosting talk forums for Hostnine, they can see the usual assortment of support request.

Hostnine’s Customer Support

Their rock solid support system did a great job with billing or technical issues by providing quick and easy services. They do not just solve problems but also support when a user needs help with configuring things or installing custom SSL for instance. They provide 24/7 coverage for their team and typically be able to solve problems instantly. A user can use online ticketing system, live chat or phone system to get in touch with the clients to fix problems. Furthermore, for fast help, or for a quick question, their live support is excellent. In fact, they have the most experienced front line staff around.

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