Latest News and Hosting Review IceStorm

Hosting Review IceStorm – Company Introduction is a popular provider of web hosting solutions for entrepreneurs founded in 1997, San Francisco, Calif. IceStorm primary focus on a home business starter, entrepreneurs, small business owners and start-ups. The company just delivers tools which are required by a user to succeed and overgrow. The company offers individuals and businesses with user-friendly hosting accounts, domain registration, bulk reseller services and DNS services. After its commencement, company organized around thousands of web sites from over 30 countries around the globe.
IceStorm provides reseller SSD web hosting, SSL certificate, Domain registration, Unlimited SSD web hosting and Cloud hosting. All their services are backed up by skilled and knowledgeable user-friendly 24/7 dedicated technical support. For an extensive business website that needs dedicated resources and more control for web hosting account, check out their VPS hosting options. VPS has devoted resources and delivers webmaster with full control of the account and server configurations including full administrative access, check daily CPU and network usage, install software and much more.

IceStorm’s SSD to New Web Hosting Plans

IceStorm has installed SSD on its new web hosting plan. Along with unlimited reseller and cloud VPS hosting plans user now activate hosting accounts based on SSD technology. Additionally, SSD provides great boot times on servers, introduces speedy web application and helps with a website that uses large intensive databases. Their all new hosting plans come with HP enterprise SSD web storage. Apart from this, the company offers unlimited website builder license of TrendyTools, SiteBuilder and Soholaunch.

IceStorm VPS Hosting

Company’s cloud VPS hosting is an ultimate hosting platform for beginners and web developers. It starts at $19.95 per month, and its infrastructure allows flexibility and unparalleled scalability. Through VPS cloud server user can host multiple websites and resellers, run different operating systems and control panels, run Windows server, build up sophisticated email server or mailing list, run game server, host database- intensive web applications and run backup service. Cloud VPS hosting includes:-
  • Scale with Demand: VPS plan level storage, CPU, and RAM performance. A user can access website statistics all the time.
  • Dedicated RAM & CPU: Storage space hosted in RAID 10 environment for the fastest performance with full redundancy of server.
  • More Flexibility: Due to its scalability and redundancy, a user can not face issues with traditional VPS account or dedicated server.
  • Solid Hardware: If hardware fails, then it will automatically be dropped from a cloud, and another server will take over within seconds, make a website available again. It is a great advantage of VPS hosting.

IceStorm SSL Certificate

Through their private SSL certificate e-commerce transaction can be done securely and more safely. They use only GeoTrust 256-bit SSL certificates which valued at more than $149 per year. Through IceStrom, install SSL certificate at a discounted rate.

IceStorm Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting plans provide freedom to activate full domains and rebrand hosting services. It includes disk space, databases, and bandwidth as well as resells unlimited hosting plans. Despite this, get access to web host manager which is the center to administer and develop virtual domain accounts.

IceStorm Server Management and Data Migration:-

Their team is staffed 24/7 with high-level administrators to ensure the server is up and running all the time. Administrators proactively administrate server by performing security audits and implementing periodic updates of major system software.
A technical team is also handling data transfer move at free of charge if user’s previous web host provider uses a cPanel-based platform. Advanced migrations involve Shopping carts, multiple web sites, scripts and databases, admin team can help in transferring accounts successfully for an affordable one time fee.

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