Latest News and Hosting Review Limestone Networks

Limestone Networks is a popular leading company founded in 2007, best known for their dedicated servers and capability to develop, manage great gaming servers and provides great hosting packages. Many pre-configured dedicated server options user can choose from to build custom machine. New facility called Databank has introduced by Limestonen 2008, which allowed LSN to market enterprise-level dedicated hosting to small to medium sized businesses. Upgrading quite simple with LSN, as it is dedicated to help and keep user happy. It has advanced data center that includes multi-layered security, N+1 and 2N redundancy.
LSN is an industry-leading reseller program, with comprehensive features, great customer support and reliability. It robust client management portal, global content delivery network with 24/7 support. Many high-end features included in company’s’ services. Its packages are well designed to meet user’s requirement whether they are looking to have own gaming server or want an e-commerce site. To improve reliability and speed LSN data center is equipped with two border routers and redundant links to all switches. Company also have VPN services and unlimited traffic options. It is a excellent option for those who wants benefits of dedicated hosting without high prices.

Portal Do Host Chosen LSN as its Dedicated Servers

LSN has declared that Portal Do Host selected LSN to host active and substantial high volume website with around 9000 members and daily visitors. LSN offers links to Brazil, redundancy to ensure high availability and solid support and service. LSN is not only trusted name in hosting industry, it also provide exceptional support and connectivity to Brazil. Company is excited to be a part of this leading hosting community by providing dedicated hosting services and strengthen its reach into Brazilian reseller hosting market.

LSN Pricing

Company offers excellent price options for dedicated hosting packages. Majority of dedicated server packages will come out with normal industry standard rates. It has powerful clearance servers at significantly discounted rate. Despite this, other services in line with industry standard. It offers four dedicated core packages from 95 to 415 dollars per month. Hosting packages includes general configurations Dual Core, Quad core, Dual quad core and Dual hex core. Overall, user is getting fair price for excellent services.

Uptime and Reliability

LSN offers 100% uptime and exceptional support system. Its support team provides services 24/7 through email, live chat and phone. They clearly had reliability in mind before set up their data center. Company has redundant power system in place to avoid any issues and diesel generators can run indefinitely without problem. Multiple internet backbone connections and fiber lines coming into the data center. User will get bandwidth up to 5000 GB and hard disk space around 500 GB with free backup storage.

Pros of Limestone

LSN are geared towards more experienced customers, still have easy to use control panel. It makes administration part of hosting services very easily instead of stuck with crappy control panels. Company’s packages are fairly priced, not too much expensive, with amount of storage they are providing cheap plans. It built a name on balanced performance, reliable network and speed of network is very steady. More positive point with LSN is that their performance is consistent on a yearly basis, not on a day-to-day basis only. After its commencement, company’s motto is to deliver quality services to their users.

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