Latest News and Hosting Review Linode

Linode: Users use Linode as remote desktop replacements while others use as private, cloud-based application servers and to host web apps and blogs. Full SSH and root access are provided on servers. Prices vary according to the type of server required. It starts from $ 19.95 per month fees.

Linode is the most popular cloud-hosting provider and it was launched in 2003. Since then the company has helped to define cloud hosting industry. They have about 3,50,000 customers worldwide with seven datacenters. Four data centers are in US, three in Asia and Europe and eighth in Frankfurt.
Company’s users can create cloud server under a minute at $10 per month and they pay for what they use. Users can scale environment to meet demands with no long-term commitments.

New Update of Linode:

Linode celebrated its 12th birthday by making available KVM-powered software. This software automatically speeds up server performance, enhances boot time and puts up a substitute operating system.
KVM is popular Xen virtualization software which has been used since 2008. Due to its less overhead costs, it allows optimizing investment and offers ultimate performance benefit. It has been observed that there is 28% performance gain with KVM Linodes and it is 84% faster than Digital Ocean on a core for core basis.
Though KVM Company is getting advantage of its flexibility, it provides its users to run fully virtualized guests and operating systems such as Plan9, BSD, Windows 3.11 and DOS. Users can upgrade Linodes to KVM with a single click on Linode’s dashboard. New and existing users will find KVM enhance complements Linode’s reputation for high performance, affordability and support.
Company has introduced Linode 1GB plan with SSDs at $10 per month and also instituted a new office in Philadelphia to accommodate expansion plans. The Company plans to open its eight data center in Frankfurt, Germany soon.
Linode’s Simple Plan Prices:
  • Linode 1 GB Plan- This plan starts at $ 10/mo including 1 GB RAM, 1CPU Core, 24 GB SSD Storage and 2 TB Transfer.
  • Linode 2 GB Plan- Price of this plan is $ 20/mo with 2 GB RAM, 2CPU cores, 48 GB SSD Storage and 3 TB Transfer.
  • Linode 4 GB Plan- Get this plan at $ 40/mo with 4 GB RAM and CPU Cores, 96 GB SSD Storage and 4 TB Transfer.
  • Linode 8 GB Plan- Get this ultimate plan at $ 80/mo including 8 GB RAM and 6 CPU cores, 192 GB SSD Storage and 8 TB Transfer.
Data Base Management:
Company’s Database service provides proficiency to secure data in simple accessible and well structured manner. It serves as a foundation for hundreds of prominent web and server applications. Database platform exist to meet needs of applications running on Linode. This helps in instantly startup with choice of database platform.
One Click Cloud Backups:
With just one click, a user can start Linode backup service and begin protecting user data. Three backup slots are executed and rotated automatically. Daily backup includes 2-7 days old backup and 8-14 days old backup.
Linode Backup Service is activated quickly and runs on fully independent Linode’s software stack. No configuration and installation is necessary.
Linode’s Customer Support (Technical & Sales):
  • Email: Customers can send email related to pre-sale questions, account recovery or general inquiry.
  • Open a Ticket: For an existing Linode account holder, the user can use ticket at any point of time for assistance with Linode Service.
  • Phone Support: This facility is available at all times for existing users and can be used for general inquiries and account help.
  • Guides, Tutorials, forums and blogs
  • Linode Wiki, and IRC Chat.

Unmanaged VPS customer is payable.

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