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Hosting Review Nexcess

Company Introduction – Hosting Review Nexcess

Key Selling Points

  • A leading hosting company
  • SSAE 16 certified and fully PCI DSS

Headquarters: Michigan
Establishment: 2000
Data Centers: Throughout Europe, Australia and the United States
Equipped with redundant power, connectivity and cooling, facility
Nexcess provides variety of hosting services with best technology and highly qualified experts. Hosting services ranging from entry level packages to custom clustered or hosting configurations for WordPress, Magento, ExpressionEngine and bBulletin with aim on achieving maximum performance for high-profile web sites. Company’s hosting solutions are created for specific applications so that users can outperform competition by more than 13X. It facilitates undergo annual SSAE 16 examinations and e-commerce web hosting plans fully PCI DSS complaint.
Infrastructure, business processes and facilities created and developed to maximize security and privacy of customer data. It keeps comprehensive records of who are accessing the data and which company is protecting. Networks and servers are carefully logged and access can be done by security trained system administrators.

Services Offered – Hosting Review Nexcess

  • Enterprise hosting services with dedicated servers and custom clustered /hosting configurations

Nexcess Successful Completion of Type 2 SSAE 16 SOC 1 Examination

Nexcess has successfully completed type 2 SSAE 16 examinations for review period of 1 February 2014 to January 31, 2015 within scope of web hosting services and data center. Company’s processes, procedures and controls follow industry best practices. Type 2 SOC 1 examination is a vital indication of quality control which Nexcess implements over aspects of business operations impact financial well-being of users and partners with handling of financial and private data. Third party controls over verification and scrutiny demonstrates Company’s ongoing commitment to excellence in offering standards of reliability and control.

Nexcess Shared Hosting

Neccess offer shared hosting plans on monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis. Company backup reseller, Shared Magento hosting, Expression Engine and WordPress Hosting with thirty days money back guarantee. Highly trained staff can move user’s website regardless of former host’s account access and control panel. There are lot of features which Nexcess offers when it comes to shared hosting such as virus and spam filtering and web mail support, secure and safe SSL and FTP, Real media streaming, mp3 streaming, and host of developer for creating changes to website.
In addition, all plans can support multiple domain names per account,, each domains on the account must share resources made available b chosen plan with amount of disk space , mail boxes and more.

Nexcess Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting plans are flexible, powerful options for complex web applications with standardized hosting plans to use only Dell hardware for ease of use and reliability. These plans are fully customizable for user’s business whether they choose managed or unmanaged services along with their dedicated plans. Prices start at $175.90 without any add-ons such as managed care. Users can pick their servers and customizing hardware to be optimal for website need. Dedicated servers includes Dell Remote Access Controllers for Dell servers, Juniper Firewall Protection, Juniper Intrusion Device, On demand OS reloads, VPN tunnel and many other add-ons.

Nexcess Launched Backup Plans

NExcess has introduced new tier of extended backup plans which gives guarantee of user’s data is kept secure and safe over long term. New backup plans provide dedicated server and enterprise server cluster clients’ backup solution. Now enterprise clients can opt ninety day plans includes daily backups of server data. In one year data retention plans user will get daily backups, monthly snapshots, allow customers to restore and access data for longer time.
Long-term data retention is necessary aspects of security and business continuity management. These back up plans maintain reliable and manage backups, helps to avoid unnecessary integration with external services. Backups are necessary for security of client’s confidential data and applications. Now a days advanced persistent security threat are common, therefore its essential that online businesses have clean backups for at minimum three months and for longer period. Company’s new launch is most recent addition to great performance hosting plans, used by largest ecommerce retailers and publishers.

Nexcess SSL- CDN Plans

Company offers low cost SSL encryption to its CDN for global performance and security. It offers SSL- protected content with minimal latency to e-commerce hosting clients. This SSL- CDN can be added to any Nexcess CDN plan for $20. Company’s CDN is an extensive network of edge nodes located at key points around the world. Content is pushed from Nexcess’ data centers to edge nodes so that users get same fast and reliable service no matter where they are. Comapny’s SSL CDN services offer clients to locate their sites in geographic area without sacrificing fast and secure access to rest of the world.

Customers – Hosting Review Nexcess

Target Customers: Small and medium-sized businesses
What for Customers?

  • High-performance:

Support: 24.7.365 via email, phone, and live chat. Resolves issues instantly
Uptime: 99.9%

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