PHP MySQL Combination

Php and mysql combine to form a powerful way to create dynamic webpages. Basically all the normal webpage are built using HTML but by adding PHP and MYSQL a web designer can collect data , create specific designs , can make website much more attractive and secure from the user’s point of view and a lot of things which html alone cannot do.

Web developers can use php in an existing HTML page to enhance the functionality of a webpage. With the help of php the webpage can become more dynamic and the features of the webpage will be more advanced. By using php and mysql the website can store all the information of the clients in the database. Mysql provides the database for the website in which all the information of the user will be stored safely.

Basically PHP stands for Pre Hypertext Processor. It is basically a server side scripting language which is used to create static and dynamic websites. We can also use JavaScript to make validations and the secure level high. With the help of this we can also perform mathematical calculations and the Boolean operations.

  • Php and mysql is used independently that means they are not dependent on each other. Php is used for collecting data and mysql helps in storing that data.
  • Php is popular because it is an open source language that means there is no need to buy a license or any kind of authorization is required for using it.
  • Php is very accessible in the market along with Java and is one of the most popular development language.
  • Php is providing a lot of benefits to the users:
    • It supports multimedia platforms and web servers.
    • It supports Mysql databases.
    • It supports XML also.
    • It provides powerful API.
    • The security level is quite high in this.


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