SQL Web Hosting

SQL is the acronym for Structured Query Language, which is a computer language that is used to manipulate data in a database. SQL works with many different database systems, such as Access, Oracle and MS SQL. SQL is widely used due to its simplicity and applicability to diverse database functions, many of which make up global business systems and commercial computer software.

SQL web hosting is a service that allows SQL databases to be hosted on the internet. SQL web hosting can be used to store database information on the web, allow offsite personal to access database management tools and provide detailed information to customers or clients. Typical applications that use SQL databases are ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) programs.

What are the Benefits of SQL Web Hosting ?

There are several advantages to investing in an SQL web hosting service:

  • Increased RAM and Bandwidth – Database applications take up a lot of memory and server space. SQL web hosting services provide additional room for your database to evolve and grow over time.
  • SQL Administration Services – Because SQL web hosting services are dedicated to database hosting, they generally have the ability to offer advanced administration services to keep your database running smoothly and at optimum performance.
  • Technical Assistance and SQL Design – If you’re new to SQL, many SQL web hosting services provide technical assistance and design packages for an additional cost when you purchase web hosting.

Things to look for in a Quality SQL Web Hosting Service

Once you’ve decided to go with an SQL web host; you’ll need to select a service. A quality SQL web hosting service should offer you the following:

  • Reliability
  • Control Panel Options
  • Technical Support
  • Customer Support
  • Multiple Hosting Plans

Overall, if you plan on maintaining a database online, your best option is to go with a web hosting service that has servers dedicated specifically to SQL applications. Doing so will ensure that you get the most value out of your investment. SQL web hosting may cost a little more than standard hosting, but it’s worth every penny.

Hosting Services

It is essential to understand what is exactly involved in hosting service and the specific requirements that you should meet. It is vital to give a professional look evaluate all the demands of your business in order to choose a good internet web hosting services. There are many hosting companies that offer free hosting, but you must beware of such hosting services providers because of multiple reasons. Free hosting websites are not an ideal solution for a business as it means that you’ll have to show banners and adds in key areas of your site that makes your website look very unprofessional and garish not very good for your company image, right?

With such kind of hosting service you will get various disadvantages like limited web page space; restricted bandwidth; adverts, banners, pop-ups on the key areas of your website; search engines could disregard a site; poor help and support assistance if there any at all, etc. and this list can be continued infinitely. To have a professional looking website you will need a reputable internet web hosting services company that will offer you a good hosting plan.

cpwebhosting is the reliable and reputable web hosting services provider that is dedicated to providing comprehensive range of hosting plans, including Windows and Linux shared, reseller, VPS and semi-dedicated hosting services plans so that you will find a plan that is perfect personally for you to meet all your individual demands and requirements. You do not have to spend an absolute fortune to obtain a good plan, but remember the old saying that says – you get what you pay for. If you browse our hosting services section you will find Value, Silver, Gold and Platinum hosting services plans, so you can choose the one that suits your business the best.

As reliable and widely known hosting services provider, cpwebhosting guarantees you top-quality hosting that includes professional help and support as well as any downtime managing. Our proactive monitoring, regular maintenance, security audits and a super cautious approach will ensure that technical problems never occur on our servers to make your website work smoothly and let you have peace of mind.

CP Web hosting

Web hosting is a service or a platform through which you can share your valuable knowledge, data and ideas on the World Wide Web. Web hosting represents a place on a hosting server where one can host his domain name, develop his site, send emails from, etc. Web hosting is one of the greatest technical innovations of our time. World Wide Web transformed the internet world within a short period of time.

The concept of web hosting is changing from time to time. Daily it is equipped with new and advanced technologies to deliver you the best. Due to tough competition in this field the service charges are going down and down. Through web hosting it is easy for us to make and develop our own website. Earlier when the charges were very high it was limited to the corporate sector. But now an individual can make and run his own website. It is a modern technique to connect to the world through the World Wide Web.

Web hosting was somewhat simple in the beginning but it has now become more assorted. It has so many different solutions and packages according to the need of a particular. Web hosting services are available with varied charges according to the varied demand. You can choose one according to need to be satisfied. The advent of audio-visual applications has added great freedom of entertainment to web hosting world. Web hosting is catering to whole world. After spending some time on the World Wide Web and viewing some of the endless websites there, one starts to wish he had his own website – a blog, a forum, an online gallery or an online store. A place on the web he can call his own. And once you have set your mind on this, you have reached the point where you need a web hosting service.

The website reflects how bold and faithful your company is. In this way it imitates the inner vision of a corporate house. It makes the brand image of a company.

Starter Reseller Hosting

What if we told you that you can start your own website hosting service right here, right now, would you believe us?

CP Web Hosting is now offering you a no-holds-barred starter reseller hosting business plan where you can make an insane amount of money from hosting websites without owning a server. This is how our starter reseller hosting plan works. It works by providing you with a solid platform where by you can start offering website server space to your customers anytime from now till whenever! A starter reseller hosting business is good business because the internet never stops growing! Hence, the demand for your starter reseller hosting business will only continue to get bigger and bigger by the day.

Cost-effectiveness is a big issue to consider when you’re hunting down the right starter reseller hosting plan to sign-up for. For one, you want to know that it fits your budget and it will also make you a handsome profit with every website hosting business that you get from your website. with CPWebHosting, we’re not only giving you complete control over your starter reseller hosting business but we’re also giving your round-the-clock customer service.

All you have to do is to set the service up on your starter reseller hosting business website and you’re on your way.

Consumers are getting to be a little pickier than before because they’re spoilt for choices – that is why you need to sign up for a starter reseller hosting that helps you make the most profit and gives your website hosting customers the best possible value-for-money service package. One of the thing that you can enhance your website hosting business with is to ensure that the package that you sell comes with extraordinary features and tools that makes their life easy.

This is the only way you can beat your competitors if you were to step into the starter reseller hosting industry.

CPWebHosting’s starter reseller hosting package lets you create as many variation as possible in terms of coming up with your own packages. Custom-make the website hosting packages that you offer your customers is the only way you can target your potential target market. This is particularly important if you’re targeting a niche market.

With CPWebHosting’s starter reseller hosting package, monitoring your customers’ disk and bandwidth usage can be done through our dummy-proof H-Sphere Software and what makes us different is that we help you integrate the billing and support system too. While you focus on running your own website hosting business with our starter reseller hosting plan, we’ll do our part to help establish you as a reliable, professional, affordable and dependable website business hosting service provider.


A phpinfo.php file is a file that makes it easier for us to see information about your server. While it doesn’t include version information about your database scheme, it does include version information about PHP, Apache/IIS, GD, and other things. It also contains a description of many important settings, which could possibly be causing problems with your installation.

Creating a phpinfo.php file is simple and easy. With a simple text editor (such as Notepad), create a new “phpinfo.php” file containing this code, and only this:

Code: [Select]

Upload this page to your server, and call it with your Internet browser. Now a page should be displayed telling you the PHP version installed on your server and many more detail information. When you ask a question to the team, give us also a link to this phpinfo.php file.

If an empty page or some cryptic code such as “” is displayed, your server does not run PHP and you cannot install a Simple Machines Forum on your server. You will have to either install and configure PHP on your server (if you are the owner of your server) or move to a new host (if you only are a client) in order to run SMF.

Art Of Reselling

Well for the beginners launching a web hosting industry on the straight go is a very daunting task. It is recommended that before opening your own web hosting company you first start your business with reseller hosting, by buying some server space from already established web hosting companies and resell them to make clients. As soon as you develop some clients and accounts then only you must think of shifting to other type of web hosting.

As soon as you decided on the type of services you would like to thrive on and the reseller web host that will provide those services to you, it does not take much time to get started as a reseller.

To start your business, you will need to:

  • Sign up as a reseller with your chosen reseller web host
  • Acquaint yourself with your host offerings and services
  • Start your own hosting company Website
  • Introduce your web hosting services into a market

Moreover, you should get a few important business tools that will guide you to grow-up like;a good computer with reliable, high-speed Internet access; up-to-date software; and a system for handling customer emails, taking orders, setting up new accounts, managing support and billing, and tracking your finances. But you must refuse from spending large amounts of cash on expensive equipment and infrastructure. Resellers must attempt to leverage the existing infrastructure of higher-tier service providers to cut their own overhead. And of course you must know that the hosting market is crowded and very competitive. It involves lots of research, work, and creativity. By realization all the steps mentioned above, you can thrive your reseller web hosting.

PHP MySQL Combination

Php and mysql combine to form a powerful way to create dynamic webpages. Basically all the normal webpage are built using HTML but by adding PHP and MYSQL a web designer can collect data , create specific designs , can make website much more attractive and secure from the user’s point of view and a lot of things which html alone cannot do.

Web developers can use php in an existing HTML page to enhance the functionality of a webpage. With the help of php the webpage can become more dynamic and the features of the webpage will be more advanced. By using php and mysql the website can store all the information of the clients in the database. Mysql provides the database for the website in which all the information of the user will be stored safely.

Basically PHP stands for Pre Hypertext Processor. It is basically a server side scripting language which is used to create static and dynamic websites. We can also use JavaScript to make validations and the secure level high. With the help of this we can also perform mathematical calculations and the Boolean operations.

  • Php and mysql is used independently that means they are not dependent on each other. Php is used for collecting data and mysql helps in storing that data.
  • Php is popular because it is an open source language that means there is no need to buy a license or any kind of authorization is required for using it.
  • Php is very accessible in the market along with Java and is one of the most popular development language.
  • Php is providing a lot of benefits to the users:
    • It supports multimedia platforms and web servers.
    • It supports Mysql databases.
    • It supports XML also.
    • It provides powerful API.
    • The security level is quite high in this.


Unmanaged Hosting

If you are a customer that wants total control of your web site administrative functions then you might want to look at unmanaged web hosting services to give you complete remote control administration over your server. The technical side of the server can be controlled by a designated administrator that you pick to handle your web information.

You have to have a technical person to install the server and manage the server if you don\’t have the expertise because you as the customer will be responsible for maintaining the server environment. That\’s why unmanaged servers are recommended for individuals and businesses with server administration resources.

As far as developing applications and controlling the applications without going through technical support personnel on the managed server side, these types of servers are usually used when companies are developing real time response systems on the internet, such as geographical, science, engineering and multimedia/entertainment applications.

Unmanaged servers allow you to add extra hard disk space to increase your space capacity and many computer companies sell physical servers that are configured for unmanaged hosting applications. Companies like Dell and HP have software programs that not only will run an office network but also handle web server and development applications.

Small businesses that don\’t need a server on site and deal with administrative web packages should go with the managed host packages that provide assistance and administrative support. Managed applications will do just fine because of the costs that are incurred with maintaining an unmanaged server. Unmanaged servers need constant upgrades of software and hardware constantly which could cost your small business a big chunk of change.

Unmanaged servers are expensive to maintain and run unless you are a small firm that develops in house web applications. The best advice is to have a consultant draw up an IT plan to see if you need this type of hosting service or not.

Website Load Speed

The page load speed on your web site is worth monitoring. It can have a huge effect on your bottom line if your site is instrumental in your business. A managed dedicated server can make a world of difference. It may cost less than you think!

The load time of your web site’s pages can play a huge part in visitor retention on your site. Load time can be effected by many things such as page size, flash or splash intros, or a lot of slow loading graphics. These are areas your web master can evaluate for you. The cause can be the server and sharing it with others or the fact that your web site has increased traffic to the point it is slowing down the shared server by its self. A managed dedicated server is an answer if this is the case. The cost of a managed dedicated server may put you in sticker shock.

You are probably paying less than $20/mo for shared server hosting and now you will be looking at $200/mo and up for a managed dedicated server. Looking at that increase in overhead could make you think slow loading isn’t that bad. Think again!

Slow loading pages and visitor retention are inversely proportional. That is to say it is usually accepted within online marketing circles that a page load that takes over 8-10 seconds will result in a loss of over 1/3 of your sites visitors. Does that strike a nerve? That can mean a significant decrease in sales or customer communication. If the site is relevant to the business this could be very costly. Now add in the advertising budget and the portion of it that could be squandered by not retaining customers and you start to see the negative repercussions mounting up. Maybe $200/mo for a managed dedicated server isn’t such a bad idea?

Another aspect to think of is that your site is slow now, if you speed it up you may see an increase in sales immediately. Over the month this could influence sales to where the additional expense of the managed dedicated server is negligible. It could even increase your profits.

Linux Dedicated Server Benefits

These days a lot of websites are being created for friends, family, a blog or forums. Their first outlook is linux dedicated server. This is mainly due to the three primary reasons

Stability: Linux is an open-source operating system, and its codes are open to the general public. This facilitates the general public to read it and report errors as and when they come across one. As Linux has developed in the Red Hat flavor, people are finding it easier to send across suggestions which accounts for faster speed, simplicity of usage and a bug-free code.

As said, as the environment of Linux is open, this results in constant improvements and quick solution to problems faced by the user. Besides, this is a very hassle-free operating system as well. The main advantage that accrues to the stability of Linux is that it makes the operating system\’s security way about the Windows standards.

  • Economical: Linux is a free operating system. Windows requires the users to shell out thousands of dollars to acquire a license to use it. This is a very fundamental reason why a Linux dedicated server is preferred over Windows packages of web hosting
  • Many free scripts which assist in building of the website: There are many advantages that accrue to an open source world, which is very beautiful.
  • Contributions towards development come from various quarters. For building up of an application, MySQL, php and Linux are famed platforms. Many open source applications can be found out on Linux to set up a blog, image gallery or a forum. They do not cost a single penny. Though MySQL and php can function on Windows as well, Linux is a very good platform to leave.