Reseller Hosting Guide

What is Reseller Web Hosting?

Reseller Web hosting is a form of web hosting where the provider company may split their hard drive and bandwidth and resell web hosting. Generally resellers are web consultants, web designers, web developers that offer web hosting solutions to their clients as an add-on service. Resellers are allowed to set up their own prices and even market under their own brand name. Reselling hosting generally does not require much knowledge about web hosting. As a reseller you are not responsible for maintaining web server or other maintenance related tasks. In other words all you do is to sell space and bandwidth for another company.

How does Reseller Web Hosting works?

As a reseller you need to purchase a ‘reseller package’ from a provider. You have a reseller hosting account control panel called Web Host Manager(it can be called other names as well). Web Host Manager is where you go to create your customer accounts. After filling in their account information you click ‘create.’ This will instantly set them up with their very own control panel. This is where they will go to administer their website. Once they are logged into control panel they can create sub domains, email addresses, change passwords, and much more without requiring any help from you or main provider.


Where to find providers with Reseller Web Hosting?

Majority of Web Hosting providers offer Reseller Hosting plans. Unless of course they are resellers themselves. This information generally is located some where on the site of provider, if not sure just call provider and ask.

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