Un-managed Dedicated Servers

Packages & Specs Un-managed dedicated Server Features

Did you know that whenever you pay for a web hosting service, you’re merely renting a space in a server shared amongst many other, sometimes hundreds, sometimes thousands, other website owners? Therefore, some people, especially high-traffic websites, prefer to use dedicated servers.

A dedicated server service is a kind of service whereby the website hosting service provider rents out the entire dedicated server to one particular website, shared with no one else! A shared server is also called virtual hosting and whilst its perfectly find for a small corporate website to use a shared or virtual hosting package, if your business and traffic’s grown to such an extent whereby bandwidth has become a problem, you’ll need to take a good look at what a dedicated server can do for your website. When you have a dedicated server, not only will you fulfill the hungry web visitors of yours but you’re ready for exponential growth…particularly when you are running a major campaign and are expecting a huge influx or visitors to your website. With this type of website host service, CP Web Hosting dedicates the whole dedicated server to your website and we will manage the entire server for you, maintain it, troubleshoot it and give you our complete support.

Dedicated Server Hosting

When you use our dedicated server services, we’re leasing the entire server to you and NO ONE ELSE! Managed Dedicated Server hosting from CP Web Hosting delivers a “higher level” of managed IT services for deploying and hosting e-business, security, disaster recovery, and business continuity solutions for the mission-critical applications that power your business.You’ll be surprised about this but collected data shows that a dedicated server may, at the end of the day, cut you some cost on overhead and give you a bigger share of the pie or ROI from your website. While this type of website host service is commonly used in the data centers and other high-traffic websites, banks and other forms of financial institutions also use a dedicated server because of security, flexibility and overall functionality issues.With the many different types of website host service packages that we have for you, our dedicated server packages provides collocation and dedicated space by the U ( 1U, 2U, 3U etc..) by the 3rd or a rack, half the rack or full rack.

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