Web Hosting Competition

Now the time in market this is generally going on web hosting market that a hidden battle is going on in the market which is very beneficial for the customers but the thing is that which host is giving us what? Generally you needs a better disk space and a high speed bandwidth but it depends on your site size, besides being a heavy weight, you are also going to be quick footed by getting unlimited pop e-mail accounts and e-mail aliases. You also get unlimited mailing lists or newsletters and auto responders which means being able to utilize the best marketing tool ever, which is building your own opt-in list which is going to be your prospective customer base for current and future product offers.

Apart of this many more is going on market which provides you a better environment like you can access the comprehensive online support, your account information, upload or update files via a web based interface, change your password, manage, add or access your pop3 e-mail, create mailing list or newsletter, setup MySQL database, view site statistics reports for your own analysis or if you use a third party analysis software just download the access logs, manage FrontPage extensions, submit your site to several search engines automatically, setup a secure server, setup a web page counter, setup a shopping cart, setup a search engine for your homepage, access your instant profit sites, backup your website, schedule nightly events, view error logs for trouble shooting your site and you can even design your website from this control panel.

These features can set you on a decision for selecting a better host in this battle.

One thought on “Web Hosting Competition

  1. You have shared very interesting and useful post! Keep on sharing such posts in future..


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