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About the Company

An all-in-one platform for building, hosting, and managing WordPress websites

Establishment: 2017

Founders: Arto Minasyan, Armen Saghatelian, and Sergey MarkosyaninNewark, Delaware

Director: Araks Nalbandyan

Services Offered

10Web 2.0.

This innovative website optimization technology helps to make sites significantly faster on both desktop and mobile. It guarantees a 95+ Google PageSpeed score for all WP websites built and hosted on 10Web with a high degree of accuracy. Site speed optimization is essential for the WordPress business websites and is an integral part of the website building process.

All the WP websites components like hosting platform, page builder, or template optimized for search engines and is an essential part of the marketing strategy. Thus resulting in fast customer acquisition and improved Google rankings.

Pingdom reveals that 38% of site visitors leave if the page-load time is longer than 3 seconds.

Technique used includes:

  • Minimizing critical requests’ depth by combining resources
  • Prioritizing resources’ load sequence (deferring the download of unnecessary resources by loading files in footer)
  • Reducing the length of chains by minifying scripts/styles
  • Deferring offscreen images (enabling lazy load), optimizing images
  • Enabling caching to avoid php script execution.

What for Customers?

  • The company helps to overcome the obstacles a typical WordPress user encounters
  • They provide essential products and services needed for a fast, secure, and well-designed website in a few hours. Thus increases website page load speed and performance.
  • Free trial of the platform
  • It enables the customers to focus on the marketing side of the business, such as growing website traffic, conversion rates, and revenue, instead of page speed optimization.

Number of Customers: 10,000+ business websites

Target Customers: Developers, Web agencies, and Small-business owners

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