Arvixe SiteApps

On 21 November 2013, Arvixe has entered into a partnership with SiteApps. The main aim behind this partnership is to make the SiteApps App store available to the customers of the Arvixe web hosting. Due to this tie-up, the customers of Arvixe hosting has gained several advantages such as now they are having an option to choose and install a large no. of applications on their websites, in just one click they may install applications with the help of the SiteApps plugin for cPanel, from integrating social media channels and on-site product merchandising, to visitor retention.  

Basically, it is seen that SiteApp App is suitable for the small business who wants to easily incorporate social media, analytics, and other features on their website. The Apps offers a discount to the visitors of the website or special content to those users by whom the brand is followed on social media and Zoipm live chat by which small businesses may offer live chat support to their customers on their websites.

As SiteApps app, both technical and non-technical may boost the traffic and conversions are very useful for the customers, as they expand the functionality of their websites and blogs. App also runs Google analytics to check the websites of the customers and let them know if there is an opportunity, which might they have not seen. One more good news for the customers of the Service, they may install three free apps and get 50 percent off on subscription plans which they will going to buy in the next 60 days at a very nominal price of $9.99 per month. When you are planning to start your business online or if you have the need to update the present one, then first of all you need to find a good web design solution.

There are two options available to you, first is of hiring the professional, who are having their own vision and unique style. So, you need to choose the person or company that meshes with your sensibility.

The second way is of doing everything on your own, which means you are looking for the sites like Word press for your web hosting. These websites are having few customizable options, which allow you to push out news and press releases, regular blog updates, advertise to the particular type of audience, for hosting inventory or portfolio static pages are used or allow by these sites. Thus, you may have two options, and you may select anyone at your convenience and as per your budget.

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