Business Marketing Hosting

Most people choose a Web host based on price, technology, and or the recommendation of their Web agency. All of these are important factors, but most people overlook the destructive impact choosing the wrong host can have on our interactive marketing initiatives.

So the question is how can hosting plays an important role in marketing? One of the most important factors when choosing a host is determining which tools and services they support and don’t support. What statistics or Web analytics packages does our host offer?

Many hosts have strategic relationships with some of the best Web analytics vendors in a way to provide their customers with powerful site measurement tools bundled into the cost of their hosting packages. If we are choosing our host because it includes a site building tool? If so, this can be a real advantage to businesses without Web development resources, but buyers should afraid that this will most likely impact our Search Marketing initiatives.

Most site-building applications make optimizing our site for the search engines very difficult at best, with most actually hurting our chances of achieving necessary search engine rankings. These tools in many cases actually prevent Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices from being incorporated into our website. Website tools and services are important, consistent and reliable email delivery is even more critical to many. How well does our host fight spammers? Do they have controls in place to block spammers from using their servers as launch pads for their spam campaigns?

There are countless instances where email generated from IP ranges or even entire Reseller Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Shared Hosting plans – CPWebHosting companies have gotten blocked, penalizing non-spamming firms. Emails from innocent, non-spamming companies can be blocked unknowingly if the company’s Web host is on a blacklist due to a lack of protection of its email servers.

One kind of the obvious issue is server uptime. While being down for a few minutes here and there is unpleasant and causes missed revenue opportunities, the real effect is felt if there is significant downtime. Significant downtime being down for days, not hours can cause significant revenue loss, tarnish our organization’s brand and cause temporary losses to our Search Engine rankings.

Most hosts boast 99.9% uptime, many have a past of data center, router, and or backbone issues that have impacted their customers for lengthy periods of time. This is not something they will likely disclose freely, but some good Search Engine research will uncover most hosts’ past given the abundance of blogs, consumer sites, and Reseller Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Shared Hosting plans – CPWebHosting review directories.

Managing mail based hosting

For this site this is compulsory to manage the mail account, can you tell me hosting regarding this function who can help me in managing these mail system?
Yes, nowadays a lot of companies in the market who are working in the field of hosting the spam mail managing field have a team of professionals to manage these things.
Nowadays this is a deciding factor for the companies because the e-mail spam management capabilities of Web hosting company should look at before he chooses to partner or decides to host his website with a hosting company.
Nowadays the mail is the basic requirement of any kind of business and efficient e-mail systems are something which is not a luxury but a necessity.
With your continued effort and research work, you have put together a state of the art of e-mail spam filtering algorithm.
The outdated spam filtering system works at three different layers:

  • Email Virus Filtering with updated virus database
  • Spam Identification through various spam filters
  • advanced filters for identifying unwanted e-mails

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