Domain Registration With Web Host

Suppose if I am going to register a new domain then how can a domain name,IP address, and web host helping me?

Registering for the new domain name is a very important task because it considers a few steps ahead towards the IP addressing as well as web-hosting so we have to view all these things.

Mainly everyone who knows about the internet knows what a domain name is. It is what identifies a unique website or email server. When we send an email to, the forms the domain name. So this is the identifier name. There are many top-level domains (TLDs) the most POPular are the .com, .net and .org – Countries have their own like .us, .in, .ca, .au, etc and then there is the new breed of domains like .tv, .info, .ws and so o*n but the most powerful king of all is the .com, which can be opted according to our demand. But getting a domain name is very much expensive because each type has its importance as we consider the .com it is so expensive because it has more value and hyphens and other signs take more money because searching through them is a very easy task.

The best way to register a domain is to determine the keywords which we are going to target by using the free trial of keyword popularity and competition analysis from and get a domain with those keywords in it. This can be very much helpful for us. If we talk about IP addressing then this is a way through which we can find that 255 computers can be connected through the internet. In this way, we have to use a name server that can resolve the domain name into an IP address so this is very much like a telephone directory.

Nameserver is worked on the basis of the R2D2 process just like connecting the domain to IP addressing by a way that is….
*Look at the registrar entry for R2D2 to determine which nameserver to use
* Connect to that nameserver and ask it for the IP address of R2D2
* Connect to R2D2 using this IP address.In reality, it is a bit more complicated because of nameserver caching, and chained recursive lookups leading to authoritative and non-authoritative responses. But IP addressing fulfill it.

One myth that should be clarified here that, some people think that each domain name maps to a unique IP address, not true. Just as many people in a house can share a single telephone number, many domain names can share a single IP address. The NameServer will return the same IP address for all kind of domains

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