E-Commmerce Hosting

The importance of E-commerce for small businesses. We have knowledge-based solutions created to take away the intimidation and confusion that can come with establishing an online store. E-commerce applications that are easy to use, secure, provides performance and reliability we would expect our online store to have. E-commerce hosting is all about how do we transform our website from a mere static brochure into a full-featured E-commerce website with advanced shopping cart capabilities. Host Popularity offers a wide range of E-commerce hosting solutions with integrated shopping cart and payment processing support to save our time & money. An E-Commerce Hosting plan should include some basic features which are mentioned below :

  • Hosted on Private Secured Server.
  • Powerful WebAdmin Control Panel. Some other features of the hosting plan are:
  • Advanced GuestBook.
  • Bulletin Board
  • Content Management System
  • Shopping Cart
  • Search Engine Submissions.
  • Extensive Online Documentation.
  • Detailed Web Usage Statistics
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee.
  • 24/7 Support.

Mainly the e-commerce hosting works as if a customer is surfing the Internet for products and services. He, she comes across our website. To make this website visible on the internet we need to host it with a hosting company. As the customer adds services and products that they wish to purchase, they are placed in a shopping cart. Once they have finished shopping on our website they will “Log Out”.

The company now fills out the credit card information on a secure page (SSL) on our website to pay for their purchases. Once the credit card information fields are completely filled out, the customer will click “Submit”. The customer’s information is then transmitted to a Credit Card Transaction Provider for authorization. The order is then either declined or accepted. This process takes about some seconds. If the transaction is approved, the information is then transmitted to a merchant account There it will stay for about one to three days.
The money that is in our merchant account will then be placed into our business account.

Real-time credit card processing

Real time credit card processing is the process in which a credit card transaction is processed as it happens. In an e-commerce environment, this is often accomplished by using a third party “transaction portal” like E-xact, InternetSecure or Cybercash.

E-commerce support

We support e-commerce by supplying the platform architecture to enable e-commerce websites. We provide ecBuilder, a website e-commerce utility. ecBuilder partners with InternetSecure and E-xact to provide third-party credit card transaction processing. Note also that our servers have the E-xact Perl library installed to support E-xact’s configuration software.

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