Finalizing Web Hosting Company

How To Finalizing a Web Hosting Company for your web portal

Finalizing a web hosting company for your web portal feels like a pretty difficult task with so many service providers promising to offer you the moon and freebies that might lure you in the wrong direction.

A web portal is the most crucial thing for your business and opting for a work web hosting company can ruin your image beyond repair. A right decision in this direction will always mark your business as an upscale one as the potential customer has everything in line and clearly portrayed to see on the site.

Amidst the plenitude of options available in the web hosting services these days, the consumer choice has been made easy as one can narrow down a few options with the help of genuine reviews available on the interweb and look for the side by side comparisons that state the overall score of a domain hosting service provider to take the entire comparison into account.

Comparison between the price, webspace, and key factors also falls into account while choosing the paramount amongst the best web hosting service in the lot. To begin with the all the top ten ranking companies like InMotion, iPage, Hostgator, all offer features like 24x 7 technical support via email or phone or 99.9% uptime guarantee and PHP 5 and My SQL5 database support.

Also on board come the features like multiple POP3 and IMAP email accounts, unrestricted FTP access with multiple FTP accounts, website stats, viruses, and spam protection along with CGI, Perl, SSL support, and cherry on the cake is the 30 days money-back guarantee. So, the question arises of how to opt for the best amongst the most excellent domain hosting providers available.

There is no definite method of doing so but a series of tests through which you can rank the best service providers in the internet town, now the parameters are needed to drawn and an account has been created with the services to test them meticulously and mark them on the services they promise to offer in terms of richness, reliability, speed, technical support, and other crucial features that every web hosting company promises from the excellent lot but how many of them actually brings excellence on the plate is revealed only through a thorough check. 

Best services when you talk about money hails from the web hosting company called iPage, which has now in account more than 1 million websites. The service package is as low as $1.99/month and also Google AdWords, Yahoo, and Facebook Ads credits and easy installing blog scripts, eCommerce platforms, or picture galleries offers. This domain hosting service comes with free Yellow pages listing which enhances your site visibility instantly.

The SSL and advanced e-mail and FTP security plus features added to the overall package make it a cherry on the pie package. The money-back guarantee is 30 days and there is a vDeck control panel and e-mail boxes and MySQL database setup, domain name manipulation, webmail, access logs, a file manager come as standard. Blog platforms like CMS, online shops, forums, photo galleries, social networking plug-in are all available and the technical support system is extremely responsive to all your queries. 

Hostgator, one of the best support systems available today was first launched in the year 2002 is now one of the best ranking web host service providers, the cost is minimal at $3.96/month for a three-year package and the comes with 45 days money-back guarantee. Reliability is super with the average response time going among 0,247 is the best. The control panel provided by Hostgator is cPanel and the regular updates are done to avoid potential vulnerabilities.

To train a new user to control the system is very easy and shortcuts are grouped, you can virtually do anything that you want and PHP, Perl, and Ruby libraries offer additional functionality. The response from the support system team is superb with answers to the question raised replied quickly and professionally. 

Both iPage and Hostgator comes across as extremely good options, iPage wins the deal with the pricing and the SEO features which are not provided at such basic pricing and the offer in line speaks of better visibility with search engines as soon as the site is launched definitely wins the brownie points and bags the best web hosting service in the world.

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