Free Railgun $ 200 Per Month

In India, the first-time Railgun is getting the support through tie-up or we can say by a partnership formed between Indian web host Hostocol and Cloudflare. The free railgun is available at an affordable price of just $ 200 per month.

Among the top CDN services in the world, Cloudflare is also providing their services on the top and counted for the same. From India, Hostocol is the first provider who offers this kind of support but they have limited this to only unlimited hosting ultimate plans. The content may be served in a very faster way as this new technology railgun introduced by Cloud fare enables a high level of compression and low latency bridge between visitors and the webserver. This new technology also makes a commitment that it will help you to increase the speed of your website by 700 percent. This is required as nowadays it is seen that most stress is laid on the speed of the website, which is considered as the most important factor and single most important criteria in the ranking as well as for the webmasters to choose their web host.

In India, IBM has now kicked off a new marketing campaign related to cloud services, whose main objective is laid directly at rival Amazon Web Services (AWS). This new report has been received from the Economic Times, regarding IBM which is already having a campaign in the US targeting Amazon, has also started the same thing in India also. The basic goal behind starting this campaign is to show IBM as the bigger, powerful and better company, who is able to provide efficient and effective cloud-computing services. The campaign shows that IBM wants to replace Amazon. Through the advertisements of IBM, it is known that it has 2.7 lakh more customers on its Cloud platform as compared to Amazon and it also generates more revenue from cloud-related services around $1 billion in the last quarter.

According to IBM’s country manager, the key point of the company which makes it different from other companies was its “higher value Cloud, which is open, reliable, and interoperable. The company’s Softlayer also performs up to 10 times faster than their competitors and with this, they also provide hundreds of hardware configurations.

According to Venu Reddy, Research Director at IDC India, both companies are having different strategies, Amazon was a public cloud offering computing space in a common infrastructure, whereas IBM develops customized private cloud and companies may host their data within their premises.

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