GoDaddy Email Marketing

No. of Employees: 4,000

Customers: 12 million

CEO: Blake Irving

GoDaddy has announced the launch of Email Marketing, its integration with GoDaddy Website Builder, and an email marketing solution for small businesses. For the company’s suite of applications GoDaddy Email Marketing product is the latest addition to help small enterprises run more expeditiously providing an atomistic experience for customers. Integration of GoDaddy Email Marketing and GoDaddy Website Builder is available also as a standalone product.

Small enterprises customers are allowed by GoDaddy Email Marketing to create campaigns of email marketing without getting complicated setup from other platforms of email marketing. For small businesses stay in the competition is an affordable way, service was rolled out in March, stemming in August 2014 from the acquisition of Mad Mimi. The team of former Mad Mimi has invested its significant experience with excellent marketing solutions serving small business customers. The same level of expertise is applied to GoDaddy Email Marketing.

Integration of GoDaddy Website Builder is offering a smooth experience for customers who want to gather email addresses on the website. Their businesses will grow by using those contacts. Applications are used together by simply login of customers. Time required by small businesses to bind products from many companies needed customer lists of importing and exporting make changes to many platforms.

The signup form can turn on by customers on websites and email addresses are gathered from site visitors with the help of Website Builder Integration. Customers are enabled to add and edit contacts by new contact management functionality within the Website Builder platform. Contacts directly flow into the contact management feature by collecting them from the sign-up forms. A small business owner can send a newsletter by clicking “send newsletter” to start communication with their contacts.

For the first 500 sent emails, an integrated email marketing service is free. Nowadays expectations of customers are high in the world of businesses of all sizes. They require to connect with customers professionally and effectively. Small businesses must observe email marketing as an inexpensive way for competition, builds long terms with customers and generate new businesses.

For small organizations, Email marketing is a well-proven plan of action. Business owners are required to set up their campaigns inside mobile migration, enhanced complexity in the broader market. Since a team of Mimi becomes part of the GoDaddy team, perfect email marketing products are provided to small businesses. Most small businesses of customers of GoDaddy have been allowed to focus on small business email marketing leads to integration of strategic product, customers capabilities are expanded.

In international markets, GoDaddy Email Marketing is available. Product is offered in five languages among 26 countries: Spanish, English, German, Brazilian Portuguese, and French make it simple for small enterprises to retain customers around the world.

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