Hosting Articles Worthiness

The single largest expense facing hosting companies today is its supports costs. They will see close to 50 percent of their monthly expense go to customer this thing is that is this worth of making hosting articles? The making of articles is very much important.

Costs are driven up by customer inquiries that often deal with routine and seemingly simple tasks. In an effort to assist hosting companies in reducing overall customer support costs, pioneered the ultimate customer support and help desk aide the online hosting tutorial. Flash tutorials, when properly produced, keep the viewer’s attention throughout. Of course, it is also essential to design the tutorials in a concise format. The key is to keep them short, dynamic, informative, and easy to follow.

Each Demo tutorial covers one specific task. When our customers want to know how to perform a task, they simply click to play, sit back and actually see how it’s done. Which is a very simple way of executing the task. Generally, web hosts will place tutorials in their Help Desk or Customer Service areas. One particularly effective method is to include links to the tutorials in the Welcome Email sent out to new customers. Many web hosts report a very fastly drop in support tickets by as much as possible. When we consider that support generally accounts for approximately half of a typical web host’s monthly expenses, that’s a lot of savings.

With a visual aid such as an online tutorial, end users can open a browser window and view the tutorial while performing the tasks in a different window. With a Demo tutorial, the user can stop, pause, rewind and start at any time. This allows full control, allowing the customer to set the pace in the lesson. Make everything very easy. The reality is that customers don’t want to read long boring FAQs to learn how to perform a task. If they can’t read it out, they are more than likely going to e-mail or call, driving our overall then support costs higher.

Demo tutorials enable hosting companies to provide their clients with an alternative source of information that is important, informative, and easy to follow. The articles are so effective that sending in a support ticket becomes entirely unnecessary – exactly what hosting providers are expecting.

Flash tutorials are a very cost-effective way for a web host to significantly reduce support costs and show customers how to get the job done without having to submit a ticket.

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