Hosting Reviews

Are we contemplating searching for a new web host or planning to start a website? By using many of today’s search engines, We will most likely run into a number of web hosting review sites that will either recommend and or rank web hosting companies based on certain criteria, such as package offerings, price, and support.

An actual web hosting review site usually will rank and review a number of web hosting companies and take into consideration feedback from end-users like ourselves when determining the quality of service offered.

As an individual or company looking for a web host, we need to differentiate which rating review site actually gives us the information that we are most interested in. Are we solely focused on price or would we rather pay more for better service?

These hosting sites are for us to be able to make our decision in a quicker fashion which is always great. I mean who really wants to go through host after host and make the wrong decision when the information is right there in front of us.

What we DO need to look out for is those biased web hosting review sites that really are only there to market their own company name or some even have multiple companies that they own and they review.

When we come across a review site, first do a search for the website itself and check if there are articles or posts in forums written about these sites. For the most part, this is public knowledge that web host “a” runs “a review web site”.Another way to determine whether a web hosting review site is biased is to see who is hosting them and if it is the same company that is also listed on the review site is an almost given that the site is owned and operated by the hosting firm in question.

There will also be posts made on the internet regarding this as many internet-savvy individuals don’t let something like this slide as it is really considered very suspicious marketing.

Here are a few things to look for that would make our life easier and definitely faster. If we want to go for price, do not go for numbers as the price needs to relate to what features we are getting.

In the past days, hosting used to cost some dollars or more per package and a lot fewer features and offerings. These days, because of economies of scale and competition, prices have dropped significantly due to lower prices for hardware and internet backbone services in general.

Paying high prices and also reading positive remarks from other current clients of a company is the best way to determine that we will in fact get decent or above-average support. Attempt to ask the web host if they can refer us to one of their clients so we can speak with them or make sure that the testimonials are from current users and not from old users that left.

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