Reseller Hosting Tips

Hosting affiliate programs work by providing special links with tracking codes that log statistics such as unique IPs, sign-ups, etc. In this process, reseller hosting plays an important role. Webmasters can also promote certain hosting companies by acting as resellers. This approach is quite different since every webmaster acts as an independent hosting company and is able to create hosting accounts through a web panel interface, which makes users believe we are the service provider. 

The main advantage of reseller programs is that the affiliate gets to keep completely of the money collected through a merchant account provided by the original host or via a popular Paypal account.

The best reselling structure has become popular because webmasters can act as hosting companies and earn more amounts of money month after month. The reselling structure is not only great from the ‘earnings point of view’ but from the knowledge came by learning the purpose of the many hosting scripts which are used nowadays by many of the top hosting providers, so resellers have a special account management interface to manage several other accounts and install custom scripts with just a mouse click. 

Affiliate methods provide compensation after a certain action has been accomplished such as sign up or lead completion. Through a reseller account, all earnings go straight to the webmaster’s processing account and all the customer service inquiries are handled by the main hosting company.

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