The Business Companies Expenditure on Web Hosting

However, the host in question would do well to give our business the best flexibility. Money and customer satisfaction is the real reason why a host is compelled to give excellent service. So why a business company pays to host companies?

The Web Host wants that their clients to be more than satisfied with their services. For example, Web Host A has lower prices and their packages are excellent. However, their uptime is less than 99.9 percent.

Customer Service takes too long to answer our questions. The Customer Service Report sounds like they are bored or indifferent. Hosting companies don’t even think to direct us to a more knowledgeable person It is one thing to be a new Customer Service Representative that knows very little it’s another to be a seasoned Representative that knows nothing. Online chat is offline most of the time and our email server is down.

Meanwhile, we have customers waiting for the orders and employees to compensate. Web Host, on the other hand, has higher prices. Their packages are excellent. Why? As soon as we sign up our account is instantly activated. This is so that we can get right down to business. Time is money and we have no time to call to confirm our account nor do we have time to wait for our account activation.

Web Host’s uptime is 99.9 percent and they are easy to contact. Easy to contact in that our email doesn’t bounce back and online chat is online 90 percent of the time and leaves room for other customers. Which host would we choose for our business? If we choose Web Host A, we will have the aggravation of poor customer service. Our servers would be down most of the time.

We lose our customer base because we are too busy trying to maintain our website and run our business. About our email server? How are we able to follow up with our clients without email? It is easier to send an email than to leave a message with the client wouldn’t we agree? How would we know if a Web Host has excellent Uptime? then we can ask our business partners or associates. They would know first hand if the web host’s servers are at top performance.

Why would we as our Partners or Associates? Well, they would give us their honest opinions as to the inner workings of that particular web host. We can confer with them about price, Uptime, packages, and other services the host may offer. At last, we learned that Server Uptime is very important.

Why? we want our website to be as self-sufficient as possible. Also, we do not want our clients or potential clients to ask us why the site always down. That in effect is bad for business.

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