Ananova VPS hosting directory (News) December 16, 2021, a leading independent web hosting industry review website for hosting companies, hosting plans, Tools, and services, announced the best VPS hosting directory listing for December 2021. Top-rated VPS hosting plans are evaluated based on several criteria, including technical specs, security features, and available support. Providers on the list deliver large bandwidth capacity with ample RAM and storage.

Ananova team recommends listed providers’ hosting solutions, as Ananvoa found them secured with minimum downtime, offering 24×7 live support and fast email turnarounds.

Rohit Kumar, expert team member says, “Virtual private servers hosting plans are ideal for business websites with high traffic websites and requires more security or privacy than shared hosting. The hosting plans listed on the VPS directory have all features needed for small businesses.”

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Web Hosting Business Management

Who doesn’t want to earn a lucrative income? Everybody! Most IT professionals, designers, developers, SEO professionals run their web hosting as an additional business with the core business. They provide hosting services without much effort to search customers, create a business plan, deal with queries, do marketing; they already have customers. They build websites, online applications, e-commerce platforms, and blogs for their customers, and with that, they provide the required hosting services. Thus, providing all the service benefits from their end. Being technical, they know web hosting technology, creating email accounts, viewing logs, and much more. Also, able to solve most of their customer problems. It helps build strong bonds and relationships, and the customer feels better as the customer already knows them. Selling hosting services with their core business allows them to achieve the best results.

Running a business need skills, and success comes with better technology, management, and productivity, and thus leads to growth, success, and wealth. A subscription-based hosting business continuously grows with new customers and retention of existing ones. Information energizes the hosting company; hence management applies resources, time, energy, technology, money, and people to gain it. Most hosting companies do a lot of research and release reports to succeed. They focus on gathering, analyzing, and utilizing the information. A lot of brainstorming sessions between management, researchers, and the technical staff periodically to figure out the solutions for the problems before the customer knows about them. Both quality and quantity of information matter, and it’s the skill of researchers to extract value from it.

The management and business leaders utilize the information to gain an edge over the competitors. The company owners want to know the information to deal efficiently and effectively with all the stakeholders. The management looks for details to plan, manage, design, and control company resources. With proper planning, command sets goals or objectives or targets and makes strategies, chooses the best methodologies to grow business. Delegates different roles and ensures resource availability. Management has a strategic intent to achieve present and future goals. Their control gives services and brands the vision, mission, and value. What are the following targets a company wants to achieve or what needs to be performed in the next two years? What market pie does a company seeks to gain? Which of the different niches company want to focus on? It’s a management skill that helps to implement strategies. Thus, it makes a difference by offering value-based services—Train, mentor, and coach the staff members, to give their best to support customers. Ensures customer satisfaction by getting their problems resolved.

The management frame the TOS (terms of service) fair usage policy for resource usage. As each hosting customer’s needs are different, makes hosting-plans separately cater to the needs of all. Every staff member follows the roadmap created by the management team consistently. A hosting business thrives on new ideas; hence they invite and acknowledge all opinions, feedbacks, and comments.

Host Stakeholder Core Values

Businesses thrive on relationships and networking. A hosting company always looks towards a healthy relationship with stakeholders and others. Building bonded relationship is a sustained effort and takes time. Hence, communication managers want to keep all the contacts in touch and communicate regularly. Effective and efficient communication is a must for businesses; hence, the stakeholders can use different technology tools. Almost every hosting provider sells these tools.

Core Values Of a Good Web Hosting Company

Integrity, Quality service with excellent customer value, 24×7 support, rich-resource, using the latest updated and upgraded technology, best security, performance, uses TLS or SSL encryption, uptime alert.

Expert Support Staff with delegated responsibilities can communicate, have self-awareness, gratitude, Agility, Influence, empathy, and Patience. Furthermore, answer questions, resolve customer issues or problems, ask open-ended questions while communicating with customers, learn emotional intelligence, be fair, positive, and supportive, listen well and understand, organize, resolve customer problems.

Management: delegate work, coach, mentor, teach, make communication protocols & conflict management strategies & resolution, build self-confidence, lead by example, appreciate, Set clear, defined roles for each team member and distribute the work evenly, critical thinking, collaboration, encourage active learning.

Hosting Entrepreneur: Good leader, believe in teamwork, & research, has a vision, invest in improving organizational structure, motivates and encourages staff to develop a positive attitude. Furthermore, it sets clear goals and expectations, focuses on results, not the process, strong values support risk-taking and change, Encourages diverse thinking, be open to different opinions, Leadership, Negotiate, respects talent.

Website Tools: ask visitors to give constructive feedback, comments, or hosting experience

Unmanaged Namecheap Best Quasar

Unmanaged Namecheap Best Quasar is a Virtual Private Server on a reliable data center and airtight security. A customer gets more possibilities that are not possible on capped Shared hosting.

Niche: The target customers include developers and web admins who need a robust solution and constantly expand their businesses. The hosting plans are a perfect solution for those looking for a dedicated server who are unsure of its exact requirement.


  • A discount of 17% is available
  • 6 GB RAM available, is scalable up to 9 GB
  • 120 GB 20X faster storage with pure Solid State Drive (SSD) storage, scalable up to 160 GB. The SSD provides enhanced performance.
  • Solus VM management panel to change the default stable OS template version
  • Root access

The company offers cheap cPanel and advanced support.


No up-gradation is available for this hosting plan, but customers can customize if they need additional hardware or software resources whose costs are as given below:

  • IP – $2.00/month
  • 1 GB RAM – $7/month
  • Disk space:
    •        10 GB – $3
    •         20 GB- $5
    •           30 GB – $8
    •           40 GB – $10
    •           50 GB – $13
    •           100 GB – $25
  • 100GB Traffic – $10/month
  • cPanel – $10.88/month
  • Softaculous – $1.50/month

Each package comes with free basic support, which includes:

  • Installation of the initial OS
  • Technical support only for control panel (cPanel)
  • Core Services install
  • 24×7 server monitoring (including software and applications updating that affect the entire VPS and OS
  • Hardware issues detection and resolution
  • cPanel/MySQL/PHP one-time installation and configuration

Virtual Private Server eliminates the shared hosting issues like vulnerabilities, sharing software with others, and website overloading. VPS hosting plan provides separate space and utilities where a customer can have its programs and configuration. But, with that extra responsibility of its management comes or additional cost for getting it managed. It’s the customer’s responsibility to apply necessary security patches to the Operating System and installed programs.

Many customers use VPS for backup storage in addition to a database server.

 Terms of Usage:

  • Namecheap doesn’t allow DDOSing, sending bulk email (spam), infringing on intellectual property rights, and distributing viruses or trojans.
  • In addition, questionable uses that are prohibited include mining bitcoin, investment sites (FOREX, E-Gold Exchange, etc.) without providing proof of permits in advance, gambling services, and adult content.

What for Customers?

  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • state-of-the-art hardware

Hosting Business Staff & Management

A business thrives when its stakeholders endorse its services, management, and leadership. A lot believe in destiny when they run a business, and you need skill with that to run a hosting company, and that can learn that. An expert technical, support and marketing team with skilled management and entrepreneurs with excellent leadership can make the business reach its heights. Issues or problems need a perfect solution, and if they linger, they become significant troubles. 

A manager ensures that the business runs smoothly with every issue resolved on time. Thus, makes plans or strategies to keep everybody focussed and sincere towards customers as it’s said in Hindu mythology that ‘Customer is God’. Before the customer comes to know about the problem, the problem must be solved or provided with a solution before any panic is raised. 

An entrepreneur is a leader and motivates its staff, with many hopes of a better future, stakeholders with profits, and customers with the best services. 

In many companies, the entrepreneurs have set an example by leading everyone involved towards implementing strategies and goals or visions. Every staff member is provided with targets, which they know how it could be accomplished. Even if something goes wrong, they know that they will reach the final goals as a team. It’s everybody’s teamwork as a unit that helps the hosting business gain new customers and retain the existing ones. Everybody’s profits or salaries depend on customers; salaries and profits keep creeping if customers are there. Entrepreneurs, management, and other staff know how important it is to keep the customers satisfied. As a dependency chain, everybody is answerable and questionable in a business – Staff to management and entrepreneurs. 

It’s significantly less observed that Entrepreneurs interact with customers. They mostly lead, and managers manage the staff to handle situations or operations. When leaders get involved in resolving the issues, it leads to further problems, as presents incapability of the management to address issues or concerns. Management is there for the solution and to lead people. An Entrepreneur with management hires the right people for various positions. Working together creates bonds and relationships; under good management, staff works at peace. Mainly managers are selected from the team, and the leaders raise their position as they become skilled at work and mentor, delegate, coach, and teach. They become problem solvers while taking everything under control. Thus, motivate other staff to help take steps and be with customers to understand issues or problems. They need soft skills to have empathy, respect, confidence, and honesty to listen to customers. The management lists all the core values and prioritizes learning and mastering them to provide the best services and value to customers. 

Unmanaged Namecheap Popular Pulsar

Namecheap Popular Pulsar is a Virtual Private Server on a reliable data center and airtight security. A customer gets more possibilities that are not possible on capped Shared hosting.

The target customers include those running an advanced forum or a non-typical internet store that needs additional software. It’s expected that customers might have basic server management knowledge and skills. The SolosVM software is available to manage VPS like reboot server, change password, or reinstall OS.

The features include a high-performance 20X faster storage with pure Solid State Drive (SSD) storage, full root access, RAM, state-of-the-art hardware, powered by KVM virtualization technology, Intel processors, and multiple Linux distros (CentOS, Ubuntu, or Debian). Other features include: 

  • 2 CPU Cores.
  • 2 GB RAM.
  • 40 GB SSD RAID 10.
  • 1000 GB Bandwidth.

The root access enables a customer to install software of choice, modify configuration files, set up firewall rules, and much more. If customers need cPanel, they can get it as an add-on feature by paying monthly subscription fees. cPanel is an add-on feature that you must purchase by paying a monthly subscription fee of $8.88. 

Namecheap offers Interworx web panel ships with two tools NodeWorx and SiteWorx. The NodeWorx enables users to manage a server while SiteWorx controls the database, email accounts, and website. 

Once customers signup with the Namecheap Popular Pulsar, they receive an email containing login information and links. The VPS customer manages backup by themselves or can get an external backup service. A web space also includes space consumed by OS, control panel, and website files.

One 1 IPv4 dedicated IP is offered by default, but a customer can request more IPs by submitting a ticket or contacting the Billing or Sales department with reason. A customer must install software firewalls, other internal security packages, and routine server backups for further peace of mind.

The customers enjoy improved website speed performance and loading times with the Namecheap Popular Pulsar VPS plan. They can contact the support team for upgrade and customization, and Namecheap offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Customers can expect 99.9% server uptime if there is no hardware or network failure.

LAMP stack: A customer can either choose OS or OS + LAMP (Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP) from the Operating System drop-down list. 

Free .website domain: A customer gets a free .website domain to test websites before making them live.

US location: The servers are located in Phoenix, Arizona (USA). 

The hosting provider accepts monthly, quarterly, and yearly payments made with a credit card, debit card, or PayPal

About Namecheap

Namecheap is an ICANN-approved domain registrar globally, founded in 2000 by Richard Kirkendall. The company sells SSL certificates and offers private email, premium DNS, VPN, shared hosting services to over 10 million customers.

Support: Available via live chat, email, or by creating a new ticket

A hosting Entrepreneur

Experience Leads to Leadership

Before starting and investing huge money in a new business, it is said to gain experience. It depends; either a prospective entrepreneur does a job in a similar industry or starts a business on a small scale. Almost all companies need investment except beginning a web hosting business. Surprised!, But, it’s true, you need to make a significant investment; many hosting providers offer ‘Reseller Hosting plans.’ With medium to long-term goals, a hosting business can help an IT professional earn a lucrative income while gaining experience. As an entrepreneur, you learn to create different marketing strategies, management skills, search customers, provide after-sales support, and deal with queries, issues, or problems.

Emotional Connect

While doing business professionally, most people get connected emotionally, and it helps to maximize engagement and performance, and thus, the company thrives. Management deals with different stakeholders for information, growth, productivity, success, and generating wealth. The business requires managing resources, customers, employees, and other people directly or indirectly associated. It’s a management goal to satisfy everybody associated effectively and efficiently. People are very emotional, and when problems or issues arise, such emotions are at their peak, and they tend to deviate from the plans to reach the ultimate goals. During this time, the entrepreneur leadership is testified, how they deal with people to resolve the issues by keeping everyone focussed, motivated, and empowered to be productive.

Everybody is Involved

The management makes everybody involved contribute, and all feel important in solving technical issues. Overall what’s more required, when everybody in a company can come up with the solution to resolve the customer issues on time. A manager managing team, and everyone knows their role and fits into it.

Customer satisfaction

Every customer is essential, and timely resolution of issues leads to satisfaction. Thus, management must always minimize stress or conflict by delegating the problems to the right experts. Further, communicate and build trust.

skills required for Web hosting business

The websites hosted on shared are maximum than on Cloud, VPS, and dedicated hosting. Every hosting type needs the best security to fight hackers, malware, and spammers from invading the website. And, for an e-commerce business, comparatively more protection is required via an SSL certificate, spam or malware security, PCI compliance, and website backup. Mostly technically skilled enters into this web hosting business to make an additional lucrative income on a medium to long term basis.

A web hosting business with technical skills needs management and marketing skills. It takes a lot of consistent effort to research, create marketing strategies, target prospective customers, find niche markets, and deal with queries & issues. A hosting business team needs to keep its knowledge updated and familiar with the latest software, Programming or Coding, and features, Payment Gateways, Billing systems, and Nameservers. Furthermore, it needs soft skills to provide White Label Support.

The developers, designers, SEO professionals, and other IT professionals buy Reseller hosting from a third party or rent their server and host all of their client’s websites. They look for total control as they work on demanding apps, works on different programming languages, or do server-side coding. From the thought or idea, they build a complete website from scratch.
The Businesses require E-commerce platforms, LAMP or WAMP server (Linux or Windows, Apache or Nginx, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, MSSQL, and PHP or ASP); thus, a hosting provider team have software proficiency skills with the above. The customers install various applications to project management to build a business to the next level.

According to ‘ Market Watch, ‘the global web hosting market is forecasted to grow to $154 billion by 2022. Running a hosting business requires a lot of hard work, but it’s gratifying, as it’s almost subscription-based. Hard-works comes after-sales, providing the best support, resolving problems on time. For the same, the support team needs soft and good interpersonal skills to communicate well with the customers. Support personnel must have empathy, work ethics, flexibility, adaptability, time management, and issue resolution skills. They must listen to a customer coming with the issue or problems. Proper training and mentoring are much needed with counseling periodically to develop such skills in the technical staff members. Teamwork is required to run the web hosting business smoothly.

Researching Hosting Provider

A hosting customer looks for a local company or a branded one for its online presence. Before relying upon it, everybody wants to ensure the hosting provider’s service quality and customer values. Thus, customers research on Google and review websites, and gather information. After undergoing review sites, choose a hosting provider with minor negative reviews and access it as the most trusted provider.

Making a good decision initially gives the best outcome and helps the business thrive online. The rational decision of choosing a hosting provider is taken after thorough research, weighing consequences, keeping an open mind for various reviews, identifying alternatives, gathering relevant information, and reviewing the decision one more time.

A customer knows its needs and requirement and searches the hosting provider with the same angle. Critical thinking helps to find a hosting provider with a new approach and available data. Most customers go through brainstorming sessions with the experts. Reframing the web hosting needs reaches the production solution with an open and flexible mind.

Hosting Support

After-sales is equally important, as supporting the customer during the hosting purchase. It’s mandatory to give customers the best expert technical support, resolving issues on time. The customer’s online growth ultimately depends on the hosting provider, and a satisfied customer remains loyal to the provider company. In a B2B environment, both thrive and stay in a relationship.

With experience, a hosting provider understands the customer’s needs and requirements and can resolve its issues. As new problems arise, the hosting provider has an opportunity to learn. The company systematically and accurately finds the solution and the root cause of the issues. The next time, before such a problem arises, the company is well prepared and resolves the same quickly or sometimes, even before the customer comes to know about the same. Sometimes the issues are beyond the expertise; thus, the hosting provider needs to research and gain problem-solving skills. The hosting support personnel requires soft skills to actively listen and gain information about the problem with critical and creative thinking. It’s teamwork, which ultimately leads to a successful hosting business.