CloudLinux Review on Ananova

CloudLinux is the maker of the leading operating system for hosting providers. The company’s mission is to make Linux secure, stable, and profitable. It combines in-depth technical knowledge of hosting, kernel development, and open source with unique client care expertise. 


CloudLinux has more than 4,000 customers and partners, including A2hosting, LiquidWeb and Dell, and more than 200,000 product installations.

CloudLinux releases the Resource Allocation Controls – Reseller Limits for web hosting Resellers for Plesk. The feature allows resellers to manage and control end-user resource usage inside the Plesk Control panel. Its proprietary Lightweight Virtual Environment (LVE) technology limits the number of resources each reseller can operate, including CPU, IO, memory, number of processes, and concurrent connections per end-user. Thus, it helps to boost revenues and improve the stability of servers. The technology prevents end-users from bringing down the server by allowing web hosts to set up individual resource limits and ensures users can never use more resources than was allocated to them.

To learn more, customers can watch the CloudLinux Academy webinar on LVE Manager Reseller Limits

Igor Seletskiy, CloudLinux’s chief executive officer and founder, said: “The Reseller Limits feature in CloudLinux OS was one of the most anticipated enhancements released 5 months ago, and now customers of Plesk can fully take advantage of it. It allows hosting providers to offer more valuable services to their resellers. It empowers resellers to expand their offering to their end-users, adjust their pricing models, and optimize space usage.”

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