Ananova lists Important Web Hosting Features

Reliable & Robust: A successful business, professional or individual website must be hosted on reliable and robust infrastructure.

Support: State of the art support system available 24×7

Price: Affordable based on hosting plan value

Flexible Managed facilities: Fast deployment to develop and test applications quickly. Round a clock support provides a managed server environment and a flexible way to deploy and manage your infrastructure.

Large companies or corporations rent dedicated servers to effectively their online business. It gives them a wealth of freedom to install security software and applications. They make them secure and reliable and protect business websites from malicious hackers and other issues. These big companies have a technical team that does server management, including administering, maintaining, and supporting the servers that host websites. Furthermore, does backup and recovery operations, including servers and client backup, network servers maintenance, installation and configuration of bandwidth, security and monitoring, upgrades, database, and application service providers. The company uses the servers to run websites, emails, and install apps. 

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