NPCO Web Hosting Providers


NEWS PROVIDED BY BHJ (Business Hosting Journal)

Ananova announces the list of the web hosting providers offering free web hosting plans to Non-Profit Charitable Organizations (NPCO) or Non-Profit Organizations (NGO).

The Non-Profit Charitable Organizations (NPCO) or Non-Profit Organizations (NGO) are committed to improving people life quality, eradicating social evils, women’s empowerment, against child abuse, and more. The hosting companies to accredit their efforts offer numerous web servers to offer free web hosting plans. Few hosting companies further provide website design, eCommerce development, and digital marketing services to these non-profits.

The NPCO or NGOs need to provide the documents proof to qualify as a charitable organization and signup the contact form on the hosting provider’s web hosting page. The web hosting providers consider it as their CSR activity. Some hosting providers enforce the websites to put their logo with a link to credit the same. 

The hosting providers offer additional space or bandwidth once a requirement arises or offers affordable upgrades. The hosting accounts are powered by standard web technologies such as cPanel, CentOS, MariaDB, LiteSpeed, and PHP.

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