Chatwoo Live Chat services

Chatwoo Live Chat services emerged after SCPL acquired CraftySyntax. The development team headed by Mr. Rajesh developed the online chat services application in JAVA. In 2015, live help services were top-rated, and customers or visitors chatted with the available support or technical personnel with their queries or issues. Companies were trying to develop chat systems where customers or visitors could speak directly to the representative using live support. Every online business wants to remain in 2-way communication with their customers and visitors and adopt the live help services to provide support faster response, get immediate feedback, and know about the consumer’s perception and views. The companies look to keep live help always manned 24×7 to keep their customers or prospects in touch and be firmly behind them. Live Chat services start booming with the introduction of AI and video conferencing software. During Corona time, the company allowed their team to handle customer support services through live help support services from their home.

The face-to-face online live services result in better customer satisfaction are support experience. No matter how big or small your business is, chatwoo live help, and chat thousands of websites use support to deliver quality customer services. The companies understand that providing the best quality customer services improves business productivity and boost sales. The websites offer FAQs, Knowledgebase, articles, and web pages to give the solution for almost every query or issue. However, customers still like to confirm them by chatting with a live help representative. Communication helps to build trust, and customer gains overall satisfaction.

Initially, SCPL offered live chat support solutions for free to websites with less traffic and resource consumption. But later, it introduced premium plans for high traffic and resource-consuming websites. The webmaster was delighted to have the live help software embedded into their websites, as it required just a line of code in the section. Chatwoo provided an online admin panel where they could view many reports and mentioned benefits and provide support to their website visitors. The ease of creating an account on Chatwoo, configuring live support help, customizing it according to business, and finally logging and handling incoming chats makes website owners fascinated with the SaaS application.

The customer wants immediate resolutions of their queries or issues; they don’t want to wait, which drives them to start communication with the live help representative in real-time back-and-forth. Although with that, they prefer to create trouble-ticket or send emails to the support team. The customer expects the available representative to be well trained, equipped, and knowledgeable to understand the issue and provide a solution. The customers don’t appreciate the businesses with delayed live help support services. Sometimes, during the peak time, when specific services go down, and many customers want to know the reason, the live help with limited personnel doesn’t get available in real-time, and a long wait query gets generated. The demand for live help representatives increases during that time. Attending everybody immediately sometimes becomes not possible for representatives; thus, in the offline mode, the customers can leave their name, email, and query through the form. Later, technical personnel takes care of all those queries.

Nowadays, artificial intelligence has enhanced live help support services by bringing chatbot services. For most queries, it provides a helpful guide, and if the customer remains unsatisfied, then the actual representative comes into play. The chatbots save the representative time by collecting information from customers and helping representatives with appropriate answers.

The Chatwoo was the fastest live chat help support system.

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