GetLark Simple Business Hosting platform

GetLark is a group of experienced product experts and technology enthusiasts who desire to change the status quo of the market landscape. The company’s mission is to provide a shared hosting platform for web developers, agencies, or freelancers, offering hosting services, domains, and free hosting for 14 days. 

The web hosting platform has over 5000 users, meets everyone’s needs, and is one of the fastest-growing web hosting companies. It’s simple to create an account with the company, and the webmaster is granted account access within 30 seconds. Suppose anybody doesn’t like the services; it’s easy to revoke access. The company claims that its hosting services are the right place for web developers, as they dedicate free hosting accounts for their web developer’s clients. The web developer can create a free account on them and hand it over to website owners after complete development.

The control panel is user-friendly, and web developers can use it without hassle. It comes with safe authorization standards that enable easy management of clients’ services. The hosting services are offered on 100% pure SSD storage. The clients can pay quarterly, yearly, or biennially and get a 30-day money-back guarantee. The hosting provider championing simplicity in the web hosting industry offers hosting services to any brand looking to project itself on the Internet. The hosting service’s benefits include greater security, backup features, technical support, better performance, and even restoration if a site is hacked. The clients can park domains, transfer, and create email accounts and databases. 

The company claims to provide the best performance with hosting features like a Free ‘.com’ domain, Lets Encrypt, PHP, MariaDB, Perl, Python, Backup every 12h, kept seven days back, WP-CLI, DDoS protection, Support 24/7, & GIT.

GetLark’s dashboard control panel, which is currently the easiest to operate in the industry, comes with the following desirable features:

  • SSH access
  • LiteSpeed & LiteCache Lightning-fast service management
  • Advanced and straightforward webmail solution
  • Deployment of new hosting in 50 seconds and Free hosting during the site-building process
  • Creation and configuration of a new website in 30 second
  • Great performance on smartphone
  • All statistics in one place
  • One-click apps installer

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