TheServerHost Web Hosting Services

An online business, store, or news portal to groom needs a fast, reliable, and best infrastructure partner. Perfect feature-rich hosting services are much needed for business website success with Control panels like WHMC cPanel, Plesk Panel, Direct Admin Panel, or CentOS Web Panel. Choosing the best hosting provider is the smartest choice that offers reliable and secure infrastructure and software and protects the website from malicious hackers, inclement weather conditions, and other issues. At a much more affordable and reasonable price, the hosting consumers look for premium managed hosting services. The consumer wants hosting services on quality processors, SSD memory, management tools, best & instant support services, regular server updates and upgrades, fast deployment, etc.

Server Maintenance: A provider must physically clean servers, the server rooms must be dust-free, and there should be no loose network cables, fans, and filters must work continuously to keep the environment cool and prevent overheating. Disk defragmentation is done periodically to increase performance and decrease the risk of data corruption. The server must be regularly checked for security, performance, overloading, and resource usage. Operating systems and applications must be updated and upgraded.

Prevent DDoS attacks: A hosting provider must be capable of detecting and mitigating DDoS attacks and prepared with a response strategy in case an attack occurs. Thus, they must plan to minimize adverse effects and protect themselves from the repercussions of a breach.

Daily Backup: Backups protect against data loss.

Most big companies, enterprises, or web hosting companies use dedicated servers to run their online business effectively. They host multiple websites. TheServerHost provides dedicated servers, VPS, Cloud & Shared hosting services. Unleash the web hosting services on a powerful web server with the art of support systems with TheServerHost.

The provider claims to provide a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee, high-speed bandwidth, a dedicated IP address, Sweden, Stockholm-based IP address, and disk space. It has a 24×7 excellent support team available to solve consumer queries. The provider is trusted by 1000+ customers worldwide, delivering world-class hosting services to all hosting servers with no initial cost.

The company’s dedicated hosting, Enterprise Cloud Computing Solution, Shared & VPS prices are the most affordable, cheapest & reasonable. The hosting services are offered through a reliable data center that utilizes Coresite premium facilities, and it guarantees best-in-class security and stability for your colo requirements.

VPS services are offered in KVM hypervisor technology and enable a client to Reinstall OS, Reboot, Suspend/UnSuspend, Change Root Password, or change server location. The KVM allows high traffic and resource needy websites or stores where many customer data, photos, and videos exist, and it does not interfere with other users’ server access. Thus KVM offers better performance over OpenVZ. The VPS hosting plans include RDP, SSD, KVM, Managed, Unmanaged & Unlimited Bandwidth.

TheServerHost offers multiple flexible Cloud VPS server hosting plans such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Alibaba. With VPS, consumers save tremendous money on hardware by utilizing software as a service. Furthermore, the platform supports all applications and allows the development and testing of applications quickly and without fear of data loss.
The provider offers Linux shared hosting services on quality hardware in more than 35 countries. The Cloud Solutions include Enterprise Cloud, Real Cloud Computing, Cloud CDN, and Managed Dedicated Servers. It comes with Arise Server with SLA Backed Network Uptime 99.95%, Lowest Latency, N+N Redundancy, Prompt Technical Assistance, and Carrier Neutral Facility. The Enterprise public cloud services feature Scalability, Flexible & Secure Cloud, Backup & Storage, SAAS & Apps, Cloud with load balancer, Dedicated Firewall & Clustering, and Cloud CDN. The private cloud customer benefitted from Self-service Portal, Robust Infrastructure, Ease to Customize, Auto-Scaling, Security, and high performance with scalability and cost-effectiveness. Most big enterprises choose the On-Premise cloud, which is featured Virtualized Computing, Swift Migration, Unified Cloud Management with the Next-Gen Hybrid Cloud orchestration, Valuable performance n undergo privilege, scalability n round business agility.

The provider offers managed dedicated servers, which are scalable, completely flexible, and only available to the customer. It’s featured with Secure Content Delivery, Power Servers, Managed Virtualization Server Load Balancer, Cluster and Firewall, Complete Control, Dual Core to Quad Core with RAID. The dedicated hosting customer has a wealth of freedom to install software or applications of choice.

The managed dedicated customers get assistance in server management, including administering, maintaining, and supporting the servers that host websites. Furthermore, TheServerHost provides backup and recovery operations, including servers and client backup, network server maintenance, installation and configuration of bandwidth, security and monitoring, upgrades, database, and application service providers. In addition, a customer also gets needed support for hardware, operating systems, networking, mail servers, and software, if any, as well as dedicated IPs for each server.

Full Rack with integrated power, high-density colocation, Tier 3/Tier 4 Datacenters, bandwidth, IP Address, and remote hands support Valuable end gift circuits to the colocation space, Mutually bandwidth from Telecom companies separately of the rack/cabinet.

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