Linux is the topmost choice of business organizations

Linux is authoritative and accessible as it is dependable, reliable, and resilient. It has a vast community which takes ownership to Linux distributions and helps to develop services, and applications and provides remedies to bugs.

Linux Enterprise Distributions

Cent OS (Communication Enterprise Operating System)
It’s free and open to use under the terms of the GPL license.

Red Hat, Debian, SUSE Enterprise

Home or Enthusiast-oriented Distributions

Fedora, Open SUSE


  • The administrators modify the GRUB menu to make it more secure, furthermore use the command line to debug and repair boot issues.
  • Linux files and directories are just different file types. The BTRFS (Better FS) enterprise file system is blown away with power and ease in comparison to early traditional file system designs like LVM.
  • Administrators can download packages for distribution with no requirement for their installation.
  • Easy to manage processes and control services.
  • Managing users require less time.
  • Nginx – a performance-centric web server, is rapidly taking share market from Apache and has already surpassed IIS.
  • PAM (Pluggable Authentication Module) helps to manage when and how users connect.
  • Administrators can harden the Linux system to gain the best.

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