Desktop OS Platforms

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac

Linux Operating System

Linux has rapidly gained the market in the desktop systems segment. Software vendors like Red Hat, Deepin, SUSE, and Ubuntu brands are now widely used in government, enterprises, OEM, communities, and other fields.

The low cost, powerful customization features, open-source, and good portability have made it widely used in embedded systems especially mobile phones, tablet computers, routers, TVs, and electronic game consoles. The customized versions of Linux are available in digital video recorders, Stage lighting control systems.

Android world’s most popular smartphone operating system created on top of the Linux kernel. It has taken most of the iOS market and has reached 84.6%, according to the latest statistics from authoritative departments in 2015.

Cisco is using customized Linux in network firewalls and routers.

Windows Operating System

For few decades, Windows has massively dominated the desktop systems market. Mainly in terms of system ease of use, system management, software and hardware compatibility, and software richness.

Mac Operating System

Popular among designers, creative professionals in films, entrepreneurs, management executives, and writers.

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